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Yuki Hayami (早見ユキ Hayami Yuki) is the mother of Haruka Hayami and the aunt of Naoto Kurogane. She owns a set of apartment blocks and knows about the Mitsurugi Agency.


Yuki constantly works and rarely has time to spend with her family. She adores her daughter and her nephew, lending out an apartment for practically free to the latter due to their relationship.

BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience — Part 1[]

Walking back to her apartment after a lengthy day at work, Yuki accidentally interrupted a romantic moment between Naoto and Haruka, and began to fawn over Raquel Alucard because of her doll-like appearance. After her daughter managed to drag the vampire away, Yuki requested that Naoto make her some tea. The two began to talk, with Yuki teasing her nephew about the near kiss, remarking that she hopes that he can make her daughter happy. Naoto began to leave, prompting Yuki to warn him about the Mitsurugi Agency.


  • The description for Yuki mirrors that of Yuki Himezuru; both women have orange hair, large breasts, and work long hours for their job. As well as this, they consume large amounts of coffee.
  • According to Naoto in his Act 2 Arcade Story Mode on BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Makoto Nanaya shares a similarity as Yuki, such as having an orange color theme, similar personalities, and even large breasts.
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