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The XBlaze world (エクスブレイズの世界 EkusuBureizu no sekai) is a possibility of the BlazBlue world.


It is unknown when the separation between worlds of BlazBlue and XBlaze occurred, but the earliest known difference is Wadatsumi Mass Vanish Incident, which occurred in this world, but not in BlazBlue.

As a result, there’s no Takamagahara system in this world. The Embryo that was to be used for its creation became a girl named Hinata, and she also turned the Original Grymoire into a boy known as Tōya. The surviving scientist, Sōichirō Unomaru, found them, and once again tried to create the system, but the awakened Embryo used its power to rewind time.

Getting stronger with each rewind, Sechs of the Ten Sages, the wielder of Demolishing Blade Manifestation: Kusanagi, eventually killed Unomaru, and threw the Embryo’s body into the Boundary along with the Embryo Storage that went by the codename “Es Mitsurugi”. There, Hinata transferred her Embryo to Es, giving her the power of interference, which she used to save her friends.

Es protected her world from the dangers of the Boundary by the World of Tsukuyomi, but her friends were soon killed by a Union. The power of Embryo was not enough to save them, Es could only rewind time, eventually falling into despair. Soon, Es became “Nobody”, and the World of Tsukuyomi became a Phantom Field.

A little girl from the BlazBlue world appeared in the Phantom Field, where she watched memories of her father. She wanted her older sister to see them, too, hoping it would stop her from hating their father. However, the older sister wouldn’t agree to do something related to that man, so the little sister made a deal with “Nobody”, and hid in the Field while her new friend showed her sister Es’ memories.

The older sister guessed that “Nobody” was in fact Es, and helped her by charging the Embryo with her copy of the Original Grymoire. They created a human body for Es, transferred her memories into it, and sent her back to the past shortly before the tragedy. The body of “Nobody”, the Embryo, remained in the Phantom Field.

Reborn Es rescued her dear people, after which they started to destroy the Kilns in their world to cut it from the Boundary.


Title Year Console PC Handheld
PS3 Win PSVita
XBlaze – Code: Embryo 2013 Yes Yes Yes
XBlaze – Lost: Memories 2015 Yes Yes Yes