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Tōya Kagari (Character Artwork, 7, Type B)

Tōya Kagari using XBlaze

The XBlaze (覚醒解放(エクスブレイズ) EkusuBureizu, Awakening Release) is one of the functions of a grymoire.


By introducing positive feedback into the magic element contained within the Grymoire, the “power” contained therein can be safely held within one’s body.

In XBlaze – Code: Embryo it was said that only Tōya Kagari is capable of this and, when in this state, will not absorb the life force of those around him. In XBlaze – Lost: Memories this ability was also used by “Me” (Original Grymoire), Freaks (New Testament Grymoire), and Es (Phantom Grymoire).

Tōya was taught this command by the Phantom Boy (幻影の少年 Gen'ei no Shōnen), the “other” Tōya Kagari that was awakened when the power of the Grymoire was unleashed. Until then, he was trapped in an endless dream. As he controls the level of power available to Tōya when he uses the Grymoire, he calls himself the Arbitrator (調停者 Chōteisha). He exists in the deepest depths of Tōya’s subconscious and can only be encountered while sleeping or unconscious, though the memories of any encounter will disappear upon waking. It is unknown where his existence came from, though he said it could have been born by the magic element from Ripper or it could have been born as a self-defense mechanism.


Release command used by Tōya is:

Code: Soul Eater, activation! XBlaze! (コード:ソウルイーター、起動! 覚醒解放(エクスブレイズ) Kōdo: Souru Ītā, kidō! EkusuBureizu!)[1]


  1. In English version of XBlaze – Code: Embryo, it is: “Code: Soul Eater! XBlaze, ignite!”