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We, dispatched as apostles of daylight in these final days, are knights of the blue blaze.
―The Control Organization’s creed.[1]

The World Void Information Control Organization (世界虚空情報統制機構 Sekai Kokū Jōhō Tōsei Kikō, localized as Novus Orbis Librarium[2]), called for short the Control Organization (統制機構 Tōsei Kikō, localized as Librarium and NOL), or the Library (図書館 Toshokan) by their detractors, is a multinational task force, run by a central authoritarian leadership in the world of BlazBlue. The Control Organization’s purpose is to keep balance in the world by safeguarding and regulating sources of dangerous power. The organization can be compared to the police or the military.


At first, it was the Void Information Administration Bureau (虚空情報管理局 Kokū Jōhō Kanri Kyoku), a force consisting of the leaders and representatives from countries all over the world. It was created during the Great Dark War by Yūki Terumi and Seven of the Ten Sages. The rulers of countries that were not damaged by the Black Beast established their own department in the bureau. This new department was named Section 7 (セクション7 Sekushon Sebun), and its true purpose was to gather information on the Arch-Enemy Event Weapons held by the bureau, and to allow its originators to have a share in the bureau’s rights to rule over the world after the Black Beast’s defeat.

After the war, the bureau moved to the Magic City of Ishana and merged with the Magic Association, becoming the Void Information Management Agency (虚空情報管理機関 Kokū Jōhō Kanri Kikan, localized as Orbis Librarius Norma). The agency took control over the people and built Hierarchical Cities, which are located in high-altitude areas, to protect humans from the deadly amounts of magic element. After the Six Heroes disappeared, Ishana was forgotten, and only the Twelve Originators maintained their strength, which they used to keep the grimoires and control who should have access to them. Decades later, the agency has become what it is today, the World Void Information Control Organization.

The organization is ruled by the Emperor. Information on the supreme ruler’s location is kept strictly confidential, even within the Control Organization. The Emperor rarely appears in public, and only a few people know what the Emperor looks like.

The integrated headquarters (統合本部 tōgō honbu) are located in the 1st Hierarchical City of Ōkoto, and orders are issued from there to other city branches. However, sometimes orders are dispatched directly by the decree from the Emperor (帝からの命令書 Mikado kara no meireisho).

Although the organization claims they keep the grimoires from being misused, the people resented them for their tight control over the only thing that could let them use the Magic Formulas. A great deal of dissent was caused by this widening socioeconomic gap between those who could, and could not, use Magic Formulas. Years later, this dissent would eventually spark the Ikaruga Civil War, when the Ikaruga Federation openly rebelled against the Control Organization. After the war, the Control Organization imposed a harsher rule on the world, punishing any sign of rebellion with the death penalty.

During the Ikaruga Civil War, the Emperor, Tenjō Amanohokosaka, was slain by Jin Kisaragi. Her rightful successor was her child, Homura Amanohokosaka. However, Hazama and Relius Clover did everything to put Hades: Izanami in the Emperor’s place. Kagura Mutsuki had the real successor, Homura under his protection, as per Tenjō’s request. Eventually, Homura became the Emperor, as it should have been before.


The ranks of the Control Organization, from highest to lowest, are:[3]

  • Field Marshal (元帥大将 Gensui Taishō, localized as Invictus) — second in command.
  • General class (将官クラス Shōkan kurasu)
    • Admiral (大将 Taishō)
    • Lieutenant General (中将 Chūjō)
    • Major General (少将 Shōshō)
    • Brigadier General (准将 Junshō)
  • Field Officer class (佐官クラス Sakan kurasu) — commanders of the military divisions.
    • Colonel (大佐 Taisa)
    • Lieutenant Colonel (中佐 Chūsa)
    • Major (少佐 Shōsa)
  • Company Officer class (尉官クラス Ikan kurasu)
    • Captain (大尉 Taii)
    • First Lieutenant (中尉 Chūi)
    • Second Lieutenant (少尉 Shōi)
    • Warrant Officer (准尉 Jun’i)
  • Other (その他 sonohoka)
    • Master Sergeant (曹長 Sōchō)
    • Sergeant (軍曹 Gunsō)
    • Corporal (伍長 Gochō)
    • Lance Corporal (兵長 Heichō)
    • Private First Class (上等兵 Jōtōhei)
    • Private E-2 (一等兵 Ittōhei)
    • Private E-1 (二等兵 Nitōhei)

The following positions are never seen noted amongst the organization’s military ranks:

  • Emperor ( Mikado, localized as Imperator Librarius) — the supreme authority of the organization.[4]
  • Martial Lord (武帝 Butei)[5]
  • Supreme Commander (最高司令官 Saikō Shireikan)[5]


Military branch[]

  • Magic Formula Troops (術式部隊 Jutsushiki Butai) — ground forces with the main task of combat and making use of Magic Formulas. They wear blue uniforms with a “unshakeable blue blaze” (揺るがぬ蒼炎 yuruganu sōen) color theme. The unit is divided into the following groups:
    • Melee Infantry (武装近接歩兵 Busō Kinsetsu Hohei) — use Magic Formula-enhanced armor coating and hand-to-hand combat.
    • Magic Formula Infantry (武装術式歩兵 Busō Jutsushiki Hohei) — use Magic Formula in close-combat.
    • Special Magic Formula Army (術式特化兵 Jutsushiki Tokka Hei) — specialize in long-range Magic Formulas.
  • Air Troops (航空部隊 Kōkū Butai) — mainly operate magic ships and protect their ports, maintain smaller Magic Formula aircrafts called Shebalves, although the Control Organization only has a few of them, and specialize in air combat. They wear green uniforms with a “triumphant return of kingfisher” (翡翠の凱旋 hisui no gaisen) color theme.
  • Intelligence Department (諜報部 Chōhō Bu) — mainly perform tasks relating to information, such as gathering intelligence data. They wear black uniforms with a “corroding jet black” (浸食する漆黒 shinshoku suru shikkoku) color theme.
  • Engineering Department (技術部 Gijutsu Bu) — details unknown. They wear purple uniforms.
  • Relief Troops (救護部隊 Kyūgo Butai) — details unknown.
  • Imperial Palace Elite Guards (帝宮親衛隊 Mikado Kyū Shin'eitai) — details unknown.


  • 0th Division: Wings of Judgment (第零師団・審判の羽根 Dai-Zero Shidan: Shinpan no Hane) — a unit consisting of Imperial Guards, as well as Imperial Guards candidates. Their main task is to eliminate rebels and traitors of the Control Organization, thus they are begrudgingly called the Garbage Disposal Troop (ゴミ処理部隊 Gomishori Butai) by some. All members wear the same cloaks and masks, making it impossible to distinguish features such as gender or facial expressions at a glance. Their theme color is “incorruptible pure white” (穢れなき純白 kegarenaki junpaku).
  • 3rd Magic Division (第三魔道師団 Dai-San Madō Shidan) — details unknown. They are part of the Magic Formula Troops.
  • 4th Magic Division (第四魔道師団 Dai-Yon Madō Shidan) — a combat troop deployed to the forefront when a war breaks out. They are part of the Magic Formula Troops.
  • 9th Squad (第九分隊 Dai-Kyū Buntai) — a team deployed to weaken opponents, so that the following army may finish them and claim glory for doing so.
  • Imperial Guards (近衛師団 Konoe Shidan) — a unit consisting of specially selected soldiers from various other divisions. They normally serve under other military divisions, and only assemble when specifically ordered by the Emperor under special circumstances. The name “Imperial Guard” is closer to a class or social title.

Known members[]

Current members[]

  • Homura Amanohokosaka — the current Emperor,
  • Hōichirō Hazuki — current Martial Lord; formerly a Supreme Commander,
  • Kagura Mutsuki — Colonel, the leader of the Imperial Guards,
  • Jin Kisaragi — Major of the 4th Magic Division, member of the Imperial Guards, member of the Magic Formula Troops,
  • Tsubaki Yayoi — member of the Magic Formula Troops; formerly Major of the Wings of Judgment, previously the First Lieutenant,
  • Hibiki Kohaku — Captain, member of the Magic Formula Troops,
  • Makoto Nanaya — member of the Magic Formula Troops; previously Second Lieutenant of the Intelligence Department,
  • Ellen Nelson — Warrant Officer of the 3rd Magic Division, and member of the Magic Formula Troops,
  • Akane Teruhiko — member of the Magic Formula Troops,
  • Taro Sasagae — member of an unknown troop.

Former members[]

  • Hades: Izanami — the former Emperor, abdicated,
  • Tenjō Amanohokosaka — the former Emperor, overthrown for Izanami,
  • Relius Clover — former Colonel of the Engineering Department,
  • Meifang Lapislazuli — Colonel, the leader of the Wings of Judgment,
  • Hazama Honoka — former Captain of the Intelligence Department, previously a Corporal,
  • Grimwood Huster — former Captain of the 9th Squad,
  • Noel Vermillion — former Second Lieutenant of the 4th Magic Division, former member of the Imperial Guards, and former member of the Magic Formula Troops,
  • Karenjina Parsett — former Corporal and member of the 9th Squad,
  • Owl — former member of the 9th Squad,
  • Elina — former member of an unknown troop.



  • In the English localization, the organization’s namings are in Latin.
    • Void Information Management Agency — Orbis Librarius Norma (“World Library Norm”)
    • World Void Information Control Organization — Novus Orbis Librarium (“New World Library”)
    • Emperor — Imperator Librarius (“Library’s Emperor”)
    • Field Marshal — Invictus (“Unconquered”)


  1. It appears as a pre-battle quote. This creed in English localization is: “Dispatched in mankind’s darkest hour. We are knights of the blue flame!”
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