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The vigilantes (咎追い toga oi) are independent people who hunt rebels.


In the world of BlazBlue, the vigilantes were initially dealing with the large number of hostile creatures spawned by the influence of the Black Beast, and the collapse of the ecosystem. Presently, vigilantes are bounty hunters (賞金稼ぎ shōkin kasegi) who are capturing or eliminating people with monetary rewards on their heads set by the World Void Information Control Organization.

Vigilantes have their own guild, which only exists to spread information between them.

They are forced to follow the Four Vigilantes’ Agreements set by the Control Organization.

The bounty hunters do not undergo any tests, and do not conclude any contracts. The only requirements are that vigilantes are not allowed to organize or to involve civilians.

They use a special binding Magic Formula taught by the Control Organization to capture rebels, and then report a special code to them which allows them to recover the rebel, at which point the vigilante usually receives their reward. Completing bounties by other methods, such as reporting to the public office instead or bringing them in without a binding formula results in fees being subtracted from the reward.

The World Void Information Control Organization takes no responsibility in the case of injuries or death when the vigilantes attempt to catch a rebel. Also, the organization does not give bounty hunters any information about the wanted rebels, unless they submit special papers, and wait for response for at least two weeks.

The following vigilantes are known:


In the world of XBlaze, vigilantes are trained soldiers-for-hire who can be contracted to hunt down criminals lurking in the underworld, especially those who have crossed either the Magick Association or the Mitsurugi Agency.

These hitmen generally have special abilities. It is thought that some of the more successful bounty hunters are Irregular Type Unions themselves, though there is no confirmation for this.

The only known vigilante is Avenge hired by the Magick Association to kill Ripper.