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Vampires (吸血鬼(ヴァンパイア) vanpaia), also called as bloodsuckers (吸血鬼 kyūketsuki), are sentient beings who are physically similar to humans, but have to drink blood. They live much longer than humans, but are not immortal.


Vampires have to drink blood to live, though strong ones, like Clavis or Raquel Alucard, can get along without it. They can also hide in human shadows, and are hurt by sunlight and holy water, though strong vampires are able to resist it. Vampires possess incredibly high life-force values and are able to control blood and create items from it. Raquel is able to share her life-force with her servant, Naoto Kurogane.

The person who was bitten by a vampire after a certain amount of time will turn into a vampire themself. In BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience novels, Naoto has a year before he will transform, but he hopes to save himself by finding the Blue. Transformed vampires cannot control their thirst and attack even their close ones.

Rachel Alucard is not affected by sunlight, and does not drink blood. In a certain timeline she tried to bite Ragna the Bloodedge, but the transformation failed.

Currently Fuzzy is the only known vampire that does not belong to the Alucard family.

In XBlaze – Lost: Memories, Freaks was called a vampire, but despite him drinking blood, he was not one.



Natural: Beastman · demon · ghoul · half-beastman · human · vampire
Artificial: Human sub-race · Kaka · lycanthrope · Prime Field