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English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Nacht Jäger
Nacht Jäger! ナハト・イェーガー!, Nahato Yēgā! Nacht Jäger!
Across the earth! 地を駆ける! Chi wo kakeru! Across the ground!
Pardon me! (vs Rachel) 失礼をば!, Shitsurei oba! Pardon me!
A fair duel! (vs Hakumen) いざ勝負!, Iza shōbu! Let us duel!
Repent your sins, monster! (vs Hazama) 罪を数えよ!, Tsumi wo kazoe yo! Enumerate your sins!
Monster! (vs Hazama CP)
Relius! (vs Relius CP)
Nacht Rozen
Nacht Rozen! ナハト・ローゼン!, Nahato Rōzen! Nacht Rozen!
Arise! 舞い上がれ!, Maiagare! Fly high!
Schwarz Jagd
Schwarz Jagd! シュバルツ・ヤクト!, Shubarutsu Yakuto! Schwarz Jagd!
Fall before me! この地で!, Kono chi de! In this earth!
Please! (Vs. Rachel/Hakumen) どうぞ!, Dōzo! By all means!
Terumi! (Vs. Hazama) テルミ!, Terumi! Terumi!
足元を!, Ashimoto wo! Your feet!
I crush! (Vs. Relius CP)
Weiß Jagd
Weiß Jagd! …ヴァイス・ヤクト!, …Vaisu Yakuto! …Weiß Jagd!
Sleep now, child…! …眠いなさい!, …Nemurinasai! …Please sleep!
You must rest! (Vs. Rachel) …お休みくなさい!, …Oyasumikudasai! …Please go to bed!
Mind your feet! (Vs. Hakumen) …掬われんようにな!, …Sukuwaren yōni na! …Might be swept!
Now you shall pay in blood! (Vs. Hazama) …報いを受けよ!…Mukui wo uke yo! …Face my retribution!
Your destiny! (Vs. Relius CP)
Mondlicht! モーント・リヒト!, Mōntorihito! Mondlicht!
Bring down the sky! 空をかけよ!, Sora wo kake yo! Soar across the heavens!

Distortion Drives[]

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Sturm Wolf
Sturm… Wolf! シュツルム、…ヴォルフ!, Shutsurumu… Vorufu! Sturm… Wolf! Regular match
A thousand wolves howl…! Bringing forth destruction! 千の群狼が如く…すべてを薙ぎ払わん!, Sen no gunrō ga gotoku …subete wo nagiharawan! Like a thousand wolves… lay waste to everything! Regular match
No matter how I might appear…! I live only to serve my master! いかなる姿となろうとも! …我が力は主とともに!, Ikanaru sugata to narou to mo! …Waga chikara wa aruji to tomo ni! Regardless of what form it takes! ..My power is at my master’s service! VS Rachel
No matter what it might take…! I shall control this power of yours! 我が力をもって! … 貴公の力を制する!, Waga chikara wo motte! …Kikou no chikara wo seisuru! With my power! …I shall rein in yours! VS Hakumen
Never again, you vile creature…! Shall we hear that laugh of yours! そのふざけた笑みも! …これで見納めだ!, Sono fuzaketa hohoemi mo! …Kore de miosame da! That arrogant smile! …This shall be the last time it shall ever be seen! VS Hazama
König Flug
König… Flug…! Disappear! ケーニッヒ、…フルーク!…消えろ!, Kēnihhi… Furūku…! Kiero! König… Flug…! Disappear! Regular match
I am the wolf’s fang! All that stands in my way… will be destroyed! 狼牙となりて! …我が敵を滅さん!終わりだ!, Rōga to narite! …Waga teki wo messan! Owari da! Become the wolf’s fang! …Annihilate my enemy! It’s over. Regular match
I am but a butler! I cannot remain silent! I beg you, forgive my actions! 執事といえど意地はございます!非礼をお許しあれ!, Shitsuji to iedo iji wa gozaimasu! Hirei wo oyurushiare! I merely do what a butler must! Please forgive my rudeness! VS Rachel
These grim fangs of mine…! Are every bit as sharp…! As the edge of your blade! 我が技の切れ味、貴公の刃にも負けはせん!, Waga waza no kireaji, kikou no yaiba ni mo makemasen! The sharpness of my techniques is not inferior to that of your blade! VS Hakumen
In Madam Rachel’s stead! I shall put an end to you! Your judgment has come! テルミ!レイチェル様に代わり、貴様を裁く!成敗!, Terumi! Rachel-sama ni kawari, kisama wo sabaku! Seibai! Terumi! In Madam Rachel’s stead, I shall judge you! (This is your) punishment! VS Hazama

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Sturm Wolf
Sturm… Wolf! Regular match
Power for power… forgive me for what I must do! Regular match
No matter how I appear… I live to serve my master! VS Rachel
Come Relius, meet your fate! VS Relius
Never again you monster… Shall you utter another word! VS Hazama
König Flug
Tell… Tale… Heart. Regular match
I bare my fangs… To any who stand in the way! Of Madam Rachel. Regular match
Though I am but a butler… I can't remain silent! Forgive me madam. VS Rachel
In Madam Rachel's stead, I shall put an end to you! Perish you monster! VS Hazama


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Endlos Wolf
I'll shred your flesh! 悪いが覚悟して貰う!, Warui ga kakugoshite morau! Sorry but prepare yourself!
For milady's honor!

Astral Heat[]

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Blut Vollmond
Shall we begin? Allow me to show you… the power… of my race! Ignorant child. 初めますか?見せてやろう……血族の力を!若造が!, Hajimemasu ka? Misete yarou… ketsuzoku no chikara wo! Wakasou ga… Shall we begin? I’ll show you… the power, of my bloodline! (Such a) youngster…
Behold the power…of the full moon… Night has now fallen… The moon shines bright! The play is now through! 終わりだ…。満月の呪い、受けるがよい!闇夜さえ怯え、血の惨劇は幕を下ろす!, Owari da… Mangetsu no noroi, ukeru ga yoi! Yamiyo sae obie, chi no sangeki wa… maku wo orosu! It’s over… Suffer the curse of the full moon! Frightening even the dark night, this bloody tragedy… the curtain falls!



English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Stand aside!


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Are you prepared…to confront a monster? Regular match
Are you confront a beast? Regular match CP
Watch closely and see…how the wolf hunts his prey. Regular match
Now where were we? Ah yes, shall we begin? Regular match
My claws and fangs...shall enjoy this. Regular match
My fangs have been sharpened. Regular match
My claws have been polished. Regular match
Oh Madam Rachel, why him? VS Ragna
Still your tongue, lest you lose it. VS Ragna
Know your place child, or be put in it. VS Ragna
Best you do as milady says. VS Hakumen
Shut your insolent mouth, monster! VS Hazama
Might I have this dance? VS Rachel
Surely you can best an old man. Regular match
Ah, it seems my tea is ready. Regular match
Where is your energy, child? Regular match
H-how could this happen?! Regular match
Madam Rachel…I most humbly apoligize…! Regular match
I- I have failed… Regular match
Victory (Round)
You would continue? Regular match
It takes courage to admit defeat Regular match
Your struggle is futile. Regular match
Can’t admit defeat? Regular match
Disgusting. VS Hazama
Confess your sins. VS Hazama
We’re not finished yet. 終わりでなかろう。, Owari de nakarō. Maybe this isn’t over yet. VS Hakumen
This is the proof of 90 years? VS Hakumen
Victory (Match)
It appears that I have trifled. Regular match
I see nothing of value here. VS Ragna
I shall prepare the tea. VS Rachel
Begone, you filth! 消えるがいい!, Kieru ga ī! Disappear already! VS Hazama
Impressive, sir. But I cannot allow myself to fail. VS Hakumen


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