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Now, about what is this blog post ? Well it is about pondering the differences between how something looks and how something actually works in the BlazBlue universe. It is about reflecting upon the nature of things and how differently something appears compared to the way it works (or it's implications).

The first subjects of contemplation will be Jin's Astral Heat (Purgatory Ice Night) and Hakumen's Time Killer, but before that let's first take a look at Nox Nyctores.

What exactly are they ? Well they can be described as interfaces capable of reality distorting drives (dimensional interfaces, so to speak). By utilizing such interfaces, it is possible to distort reality, dimensions, space, time and even existence. In a way, the battles in BlazBlue can be described as clashes between the abilities to distort the reality towards their own advantage (as such, those with more powerful interfaces, like Nox Nyctores, tend to easily surpass those with standard Ars Armagus).

Purgatory Ice Night

Now, let's talk about Jin's Astral Heat. It looks as if by striking the ground with the blade, Jin creates enormous amounts of ice and cold, that cover the whole area, turning it into an ice hell. As to the (implication of the) way it works, it doesn't actually create ice and cover the area, but rather it distorts the dimension/reality/space, in a small radius, into that of an land of ice and cold. The area isn't covered by ice, but rather is twisted into such form.

An example in the story (maybe not the move, but rather the ability itself), would be the Ikaruga Civil War. Here, it is clearly shown that the whole castle is burning hot:

the castle

the inside

Tenjou's chamber

As Bang describes that the NOL soldiers are utilizing infernal Ars Armagus to burn the town and civilians, it indicates that the fire itself is a result of it, and not a natural phenomenon. This means that the interference upon the reality by Jin's Nox Nyctores, by far surpasses the influence of the infernal Ars Armagus utilized by the soldiers, to the point of completely overwriting the reality of the castle burning (in that single chamber that is) into that of being completely frozen.

Time Killer

Now, to the next subject, the Time Killer. Well, as one would guess, it looks (more or less), like a normal (or semi-special) slash. As to what it does, well it hacks into the target's existence and overwrites the target's "time" to zero. In other words, it distorts the existence, or more specifically the "time" of that existence, by completely erasing it.