Yes. Credit to BP Vermilion for the idea.

So... Where to start... Perhaps how I had zero experience when I got here, but I know almost everything about wikis now? Or how I was more helpful six months ago, but now I'm just the resident grammar freak? Meh... None of that matters. What matters is that I've enjoyed my time here. You've all been fairly good to me. I just hope I've been a good contributor here.

Shameless plug time

For those of you who don't know, I'm also a writer and an administrator on the BlazBlue Fanon Wiki. My main project at this time is Lilith & Lucifer with Korobeiniki. Read it, if you care. It's really stupid. People like stupid things.

Shameless plug time END

Finally, since the community has been so tolerant of me, I'd like to give you all a reward. It's a picture of me. It's not much, but I'll just try to work harder and be more helpful in the future as thanks. How about that? :)

So, one year flew by, this one shall soon follow. Thanks for tolerating me.

Sincerely, your beloved psycho Kusanagi-14, aka Tyler Smith, aka Tsuyoshi Nishimura.

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