Now that I've explained the Source Editor, let's talk about templates! The Help page states that "A template is a special type of page that has been designed so its content can be included in other pages.". In simple words, by creating a page in the Template namespace, you can include the page's content on every other page just by writing its name in curly brackets. This is how we handle navigation boxes, copyright boxes, and infoboxes, which are also templates.

Templates list

Here, I'll describe some of this wiki's templates. Do note that what I write here applies to the Source Editor.

General templates


Clears space below things like images, pictures and tables. For example, by putting this under an infobox, you'll make the page's sections appear below the infobox, not beside it.

{{for|something|Yūki Terumi|Susano'o}}

For something, see Yūki Terumi and Susano'o.
A nice template, but unfortunately it is unused here.
Do note that you should write the pages' titles without brackets. Second page name is optional.

{{main|main article}}

Main article: Gallery Mode/BlazBlue: Centralfiction
This is how you put a link of a main page for a section.
Do note that you should write the page's title without brackets.



This is how you put a link for a template. It also allows you to write the template's parameters (up to twenty), and displays them in angle brackets.

|content=your text goes here

Ibukido Experiment (イブキドの実験 Ibukido no jikken) is an experiment worked on by the Seventh Agency in the 5th Hierarchical City "Ibukido" of Ikaruga Federation in 2194.

It was stated to be an experiment to connect with the Boundary using a Dimensional Boundary Prime Field Contact, which ended in failure, but it actually was an attempt to create a Black Beast to use it against the World Void Information Controlling Organization. The Takamagahara System used their Arch-Enemy Event Weapon, Highlander: Takemikazuchi, to prevent the birth of the Black Beast, and annihilated Ibukido.

The Prime Field Contact which was used in the experiment, Mu -No. 12-, was saved by her cocoon, but her smelting was interrupted, and she lost all her memories because of that. She was later adopted by Edgar and Claire Vermillion, and was named "Noel Vermillion".

This is how you make a scrollbox.


English (日本語 Nihongo, Japanese)

Previously known as "nihongo". Used for Japanese texts on the wiki.



Some Japanese terms have special readings unrelated to how they are written. The special reading is written with kana.
Often used with "translation", like "{{translation|English|{{ruby|Kanji|Kana|}}|Rōmaji|Translation}}"


Results in:





Command list icons

You type You get
These templates are used in the Move and Combo lists to display the move's input.
{{8}} {{7}} {{4}} {{1}} {{2}} {{3}} {{6}} {{9}} 8 7 4 1 2 3 6 9
{{236}} {{214}} {{623}} {{421}} {{63214}} {{41236}} {{360}} 236 214 623 421 63214 41236 360
{{A}} {{B}} {{C}} {{D}} {{S}} A B C D S
{{Water}} {{Wind}} {{Fire}} Water icon Wind icon Fire icon
{{Y}} {{N}} Y N
The Y/N icons are used in the Combo lists to mark the games where a combo works.

Article management templates

{{delete|deletion reason}}

This page is a candidate for deletion.
Reason: deletion reason

If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why at the Talk page or improve the page and remove the {{delete}} tag.

Remember to check what links here and the page history before deleting.

Use it to notify admins and moderators about a page or file that has to be deleted.


Disambig gray
The name that you entered applies to more than one article.
This name could refer to below pages.
Use it at the top of disambiguation pages.


BlazBlue Wiki (stub)
This article is a stub.
You can help BlazBlue Wiki by expanding it.
Use it on pages that don't have much info. Some articles are short because the information on their subjects was not revealed — these are not stubs.

Forum templates



Use it when you want to post another site's content on the Forum.

Userboxes (User page only)


1 2
The general template for userboxes. You can change the background colors with "bg1=" and "bg2=", and font colors with "color1=" and "color2=" (write the hex color codes after the equals sign). You can put an image on the left side of the userbox by writing "[[File:file name.file format|40px]]" instead of "1".

{{Userbox/Anonymous Group}}
{{Userbox/Stop ACTA}}

Anonymous Group (Userbox) This user supports Anonymous.
Stop ACTA (Userbox) This user doesn't support ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, or any law that censors the Internet.

{{Userbox/Windows XP user}}
{{Userbox/Windows Vista user}}
{{Userbox/Windows 7 user}}
{{Userbox/Windows 8 user}}
{{Userbox/Windows 10 user}}
{{Userbox/Linux user}}
{{Userbox/Ubuntu user}}

Windows XP (Userbox) This user has got operating system Windows XP.
Windows Vista (Userbox) This user has got operating system Windows Vista.
Windows 7 (Userbox) This user has got operating system Windows 7.
Windows 8 (Userbox) This user has got operating system Windows 8.
Windows 8 (Userbox) This user has got operating system Windows 10.
Linux (Userbox) This user has got operating system Linux.
Ubuntu (Userbox) This user has got operating system Ubuntu.

{{Userbox/Internet Explorer user}}
{{Userbox/Mozilla Firefox user}}
{{Userbox/Opera user}}
{{Userbox/Google Chrome user}}
{{Userbox/Safari user}}
{{Userbox/Yandex Browser user}}

Internet Explorer (Userbox) This user uses Internet Explorer.
Mozilla Firefox (Userbox) This user uses Mozilla Firefox.
Opera (Userbox) This user uses Opera.
Google Chrome (Userbox) This user uses Google Chrome.
Safari (Userbox) This user uses Safari.
Yandex Browser (Userbox) This user uses Yandex Browser.

{{Userbox/PC player}}
{{Userbox/Xbox player}}
{{Userbox/Xbox 360 player}}
{{Userbox/Xbox One player}}
{{Userbox/PlayStation Portable player}}
{{Userbox/PlayStation player}}
{{Userbox/PlayStation 2 player}}
{{Userbox/PlayStation 3 player}}
{{Userbox/PlayStation 4 player}}
{{Userbox/PlayStation Vita player}}

Windows 7 (Userbox) This user plays on the PC.
Xbox (Userbox) This user plays on the Xbox.
Xbox 360 (Userbox) This user plays on the Xbox 360.
Xbox One (Userbox) This user plays on the Xbox One.
PlayStation Portable (Userbox) This user plays on the PlayStation Portable.
PlayStation 1 (Userbox) This user plays on the PlayStation.
PlayStation 2 (Userbox) This user plays on the PlayStation 2.
PlayStation 3 (Userbox) This user plays on the PlayStation 3.
PlayStation 4 (Userbox) This user plays on the PlayStation 4.
PlayStation Vita (Userbox) This user plays on the PlayStation Vita.

Copyright templates

Most files here should be copyrighted with "ASCopyright". If you took an official image from dustloop or any other site, it's still "ASCopyright". Dustloop Wiki is not a Wikimedia project, don't use this template for files you upload from there. If you don't know the file's copyright status, don't add nothing, use the "No license" template. Add the "User Page Image" template to every image that you upload for use only on your User page.


ASW logo This image is copyrighted by Arc System Works or one of its employees. We believe that any use of this image that does not hamper Arc's ability to sell their games constitutes Fair Use under international copyright law.


CC-BY-SA.png This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


24px-Cc-by_new_white.svg.png 24px-Cc-sa_white.svg.png
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

{{Dustloop Image}}

Dustloop COM (banner) This file was originally uploaded on Dustloop.


CreativeCommons svg I, the uploader of this fanart, would like to release it under the Creative Commons license. You are free to reuse this image so long as you give me credit for making it and do not make money off of it and release it under these same restrictions.


Fairuse-icon.png This file is copyrighted. It will be used in a way that qualifies as fair use under US copyright law.

{{From Wikimedia}}

Wikimedia-icon.png This file was originally uploaded on Wikipedia or another Wikimedia project.

{{No license}}

Unkonwn-icon.png This file does not have information on its copyright status.


Red copyright This image is copyrighted. We believe that any use of this image that does not hamper the copyright holder's ability to sell their product constitutes Fair Use under international copyright law.

{{Other free}}

This file is licensed under a free license.


PD-icon.png This file is in the public domain.


This file is copyrighted. The copyright holder has given permission for its use.


This file was uploaded by the photographer or author.


Red copyright This is a screenshot of a television program, and is protected by copyright and/or trademark. It is believed that the exhibition of the images of logos:

...qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. Any other uses of this image, on Wikia or elsewhere, may be copyright infringement.

{{User Page Image}}

This image is used on a user page
This image is currently being used on a user page. If the user who uploaded this image has been inactive for 2 months or more, it will be deleted.

Navigation boxes


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{{Navigation/Light novels}}

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Every infobox page has a list with all parameters of that infobox, so I won't list them here. When you're adding an image, write only it's name with file format, without "File:" and others things.

{{Blue Infobox/Character}}

The character infobox.

{{Dark Blue Infobox/Game}}

The game infobox.

{{Green Infobox/Album}}

The music album infobox.

{{Green Infobox/Music}}

The song infobox.

{{Pink Infobox/Anime}}

The anime infobox.

{{Pink Infobox/Episode}}

The anime episode infobox.

{{Pink Infobox/Manga}}

The manga infobox.

{{Purple Infobox/Area}}

The stage infobox.

{{Purple Infobox/Location}}

The location infobox.

{{Purple Infobox/User}}

The user infobox.

To add an icon for your main/sub/"to learn" character, add it like a normal file, but link it to the character's page, like "[[File:Yūki Terumi (Icon, Chronophantasma).png|link=Yūki Terumi]]". Full list of icons is available here.

Move list templates

Add an image with "[[File:file name.file format|100px]]".

{{Command list/Type 1
|Input = 
|Japanese name =
|English name =
|English localization =
|Image =
|Damage =
|Heat gain =
|Description =
Input Japanese name English localization Damage Heat gain
21441236C ブラックオンスロート Burakku Onsurōto Black Onslaught Death 0, 165
Ragna the Bloodedge (Sprite, 2141236C) Ragna strikes the opponent with a small uppercut reverse-grip slash, then turns his sword into a scythe and slashes the opponent repeatedly.

{{Command list/Type 2
|Input = 
|Image =
|Damage =
|Heat gain =
|Description =
Input Damage Heat gain
B 640 273
Ragna the Bloodedge (Sprite, 5B) A leaning forward backspin/turning roundhouse kick.


These are definitely not all templates, and I haven't even touched the speech bubbles, but that should be enough for proper editing on the wiki. As always, if you have any questions, you can ask them here or on my message wall.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.