So, I have an announcement to make!

I am going to hold weekly live streams of games starting on January 20th, the stream will include:

  • Question and Answers session during the stream, where you can ask me questions and all that (No stupid ones, please).
  • Me playing games online through friends (Multiplayer online games like Uncharted 2, UMvC3 (I don't have vanilla anymore), SSFIV AE (Version 2012), KOF XIII, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (I will do CS Extend once I get the game), etc.).
  • Me doing playthroughs of single player games.
  • Topics we can discuss about on certain days (Captivate 2012, E3 2012, Comic Con 2012 (Both), TGS 2012, etc.)
  • And some more that I will reveal soon.

So, if you are interested in taking part of viewing my live streams, let me know on my talk page or on the comments of this blog. ^^ And yes, I am doing live streams weekly because I am such a nice person and I want to do my best in helping the BlazBlue and KOF communities with weekly broadcasts. :)

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