Welp, continuing tradition, it is now three years since I joined this Wiki back in 2011! Which means a blog must follow!

Being here for three years does seem weird, I remember being completely inadequate at editing, and every edit I made was sooooo ridiculously poor. Now being the main page maker and lore lover, it seems like forever away, but of course, people, like our beloved Bureaucrat, are the reasons why I've actually gotten better. So thank you, everyone :)

AHEM. Following special thanks go to:

  1. Night Vision: Without this woman, this Wiki would be nothing, just a boiling cesspit in which idle fan-fantasies run havoc. She does so much work in the background that a lot of you normal users don't see and she is utterly amazing; respect yo' Bureaucrat.
  2. Zedar89: Not a lot of you will know this, but Zedar is the primary source for all information pertaining to the Bloodedge Experience series and all Library info from Chronophantasma. As you can guess, his help and knowledge has been beyond value, the fact you're always willing to translate and give us info out of the good of your heart is a testament to how kind you are! Without Zedar, we would be a hundred pages short.
  3. Kagaribito: Pretty much the best normal editor we have had in years, she's amazing. So many people come and go in this Wiki pretty quickly, and only leave rubbish in their wake, whereas this amazing editor has actually stayed faithful and has helped so much. I hope you stay to help much longer :)
  4. Zeretsu: And now, the newest of the editors. Congratulations Zeretsu for managing to stay with us for the last month. Your edits are great and you actually use references (a God send). I hope you stay with us for a lot longer to come :)

Honourable mentions go to: Kusanagi-14, AzureJay, GunBlazer, Venom00, and DarkGhostMikel.

Well, here's to another year of editing!!!

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