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Who are you?

Allow me to introduce myself, My name is William but you can call me by my wiki name Nurse Puppo, I'm a 21 year old from the UK and i am a huge fan of Blazblue as i am a die hard gamer, critic, artist and musician.

What got you into Blazblue in the first place?

Funnily enough it was a death battle between Capcom's Felicia and Blazblue's crazy cat woman Taokaka where Tao prevailed! Then i watched Tao's story including her good ending, bad ending and gag reel! I love the game series so much.

Who is your favorite Blazblue Character?

Normally i have a hard time choosing a favorite character, but i've gotta go with my favorite Lieutenant Noel Vermilion played by Cristina Vee! I LOVE HER SO MUCH, she's not only beautiful and super adorbs with a cute voice to match (even though Tao doesn't like her because of her small bust size giving her the name of "Lacking Lady" where as i think she's abundant), but she can sure annihilate with her weapon of choice, Bolverk! it can attack through walls which is cool, still if i had to choose a favorite outfit i'd choose her outfit in Continuum Shift, Also Noel just happen to be my first ever Waifu! Not to mention she has the coolest theme song ever, Bullet Dance!

Have you planned to get any of the Blazblue Games?

As a matter of fact i have, i currently own Blazblue Calamity Trigger, Blazblue Continuum Shift and Blazblue Chronophantasma. that'll probably be all of the games i'm gonna get in the series, i might get Central Fiction but i'm not sure.

Who do you like to play as the most in Blazblue

I do play as Noel Vermilion a lot but i often like to try my luck as Tsubaki Yayoi, Taokaka and Litchi Faye Ling, occasionally i'll switch things up and play as Platinum the Trinity, Rachel Alucard, Makoto Nanaya, Mu or Lambda. Though when i play Abyss mode i like to be Ragna the Bloodedge as his healing factor can come in handy when fighting toughies like Iron Tager!

Do you have a favorite story in Blazblue?

This one may come as a surprise, my favorite story is the story called "Heart to Heart" which focuses more on Noel and her time at the Military Academy and how she met her friends, it was heartwarming and the voice acting as always was brilliant!

Has there been a character who has thrashed you numerous times in battle?

For me it used to be Unlimited Hazama during Ragna's story, that took me 10 attempts before i got him, but now i have a greater rival on the horizon... I've gotta fight Unlimited Mu-12 and even on easy mode she's a nightmare, i've only beaten her once by sheer luck!

I've even gotten to level 999 on Abyss mode and guess who my final rival is as the unlimited rival, OF COURSE IT'S NONE OTHER THAN UNLIMITED MU-12, I almost had her on my first try but she thrashed me with her Sword of Decimation! 

Out of all the System Voices in Continuum Shift, which is your favorite

If i had to choose between Miyuki Sawashiro (Carl), Kana Ueda (Rachel), Kanako Kondo (Noel), Chiwa Saito (Taokaka), Asami Imai (Tsubaki), Aoi Yuki (Platinum), Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe), Tomomi Isomura (Makoto), Tetsuya Kakihara (Jin/Hakumen) or Chiaki Takahashi (Litchi)... it's a tie between Miyuki and Tetsuya, they're probably my two favorites, i might change my mind in the future but we'll see...

How about your favorite System Voice in Chronophantasma?

This is a tough one cos there's so many to choose from now, i'm gonna give this one to Masaki Terasoma (Mitsuyoshi) cos i just feel like he's the best one in my opinion