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Real Name: Optional, you can write your real name.
Alias: What are you named by friend?
Location: Your location.
Gender: Your gender.
Date of Birth: Your date of birth.
Age: Optional. Your age.
Affiliations: BlazBlue Wiki (simple user)
Occupation: Optional. Your occupation on this wiki.
Favorite Series: Your favorite series.
Site(s): Where are you too?
Main Character(s): Your main character(s).
Sub Character(s): Your sub character(s).
To Learn: Character(s) to learn.
Voice Language: Example: English, Japanese.
System Voice: Your system language. Examples: Cecilia Famador (CT Default), Dale Paris Sanchez (CS Default), Tetsuya Kakihara (Type A/B), Chiwa Saitō (Type A/B), Miyuki Sawashiro (Type A/B).
Xbox LIVE: Your Xbox LIVE Gamertag.
PlayStation Network: Your PlayStation Network ID.

This is your user page. Please edit this page to tell the community about yourself!

Statistics from Game

There you can create list with statistics like PSR, top used character etc.


You can create gallery with nice pictures.


There you can paste quotes, userboxes and others.

Other stuffs

That was examples, what you can write on your user page. You can write other things on profile!