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I was once the reason people hated this place.
Now I just come here after work when I'm bored and can't sleep.
I used to write funny stuff on a happy, lovely fan wiki.
Now I write stuff about a reincarnated miscarriage (shit happened, don't think about it) who lives to see the US die from the inside and can only protect herself and her own as the inevitable war between it and its sundry enemies ravages the earth, dying at the hands of terrorism has become a means of immortality in the public eye, and omnipresent organizations determine who knows what, who lives to tell about it, and whose destiny will proceed unimpeded.
Live vicariously through the words of mononymic Hageshi as she lives and dies to live again, battles Tulip Sniper as the idea of terror who will never die, and sees the ones she love come and go as she bears yet more over the course of her unnaturally long life.
This is only the beginning, and the end is long in coming. Time to find our way home.
Coming to you long after you remember reading this.

Main is The Black-Eyed Feliphile and Her Two Sentient Balls, subs are That Whom Tumblr's Curse Will Never Leave (or is it her who won't leave it...?) and That Fucking Faggy Character I Couldn't Have Won In CP Without, Apparently.
Shameless pirate due to being poor as shit, but if I ever get online, I'll post what's needed here.
TV broke in the move, so I don't use my XBL and PSN as of late. Thank God the comp made it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯