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Note that only three Unlimited characters exist in BlazBlue Central Fiction, and none of them are playable. You can only fight them by either beating Act 3 in Arcade mode under specific circumstances, or at the end of Grim of Abyss mode. To fight them in Arcade mode, you need to not lose a single round and do the following:

  • To fight Unlimited Nine, the player must finish every round with a Distortion Finish.
  • To fight Unlimited Izanami, the player must finish most rounds with an Overdrive Finish, or a mixture of Distortion, Overdrive, and Astral Finishes.
  • To fight Unlimited Ragna, the player must finish nearly every first round with an Overdrive Finish, and every final round with an Astral Heat. If the number of rounds is set to 1, finish every round with an Astral Finish. If the number of rounds is set to 3 or higher, finish every round in between the first and last round with a Distortion Finish or higher.

Universal changes

  • 5,000 extra health.
  • Slightly increased movement speed.
  • Retains all of the balance changes from vanilla Central Fiction.
  • Overdrive lasts 10 seconds.

Unlimited Ragna

  • Overdrive effects are active by default.
  • 25% damage bonus.
  • Can triple jump/double air dash.
  • Passive meter gain.
  • All Distortions are the Overdrive versions by default.
  • All sword based attacks absorb HP.
  • Has Belial Edge instead of Nightmare Edge.
  • Dead Spike is bigger and has two follow-ups.
  • Devoured by Darkness deals massive damage.
  • Darkness Fang and Inferno Eradicator can be used, and Inferno Eradicator no longer requires Overdrive to activate.
  • Overdrive does absolutely nothing.

Unlimited Nine

  • Overdrive effects are active by default.
  • 10% damage bonus.
  • Flax Nurture buffs are always active. Unlimited Nine starts every round with the fire buff.
  • Teleport dashes are much faster and can cancel into any move.
  • Forward dash teleports directly behind the opponent.
  • Backdash teleports to the edge of the screen.
  • Air dash and air backdash teleports travel farther.
  • Normals can cancel into teleports on hit or block.
  • All of her spells that use the same element go through the weaker versions before performing the stronger version. (for example, coral → garnet → rubellite)
  • Heliodor is bigger and blocks low attacks.
  • Amethyst homes in on the opponent.
  • Citrine shocks the opponent when it touches them, and will also counter physical attacks in the same manner as projectiles.
  • Kunzite is bigger and spawns higher in the air.
  • Morganite hits 4 times.
  • Uvarovite hits more times and tracks vertically before attacking.
  • Andradite summons 2 projectiles that spawn on top of each other and fires immediately.
  • Celestite is much bigger, activates almost immediately, and also slows down the opponent.
  • Taaffeite summons 3 fairies.
  • Nephrite activates faster and is unblockable.
  • Crimson Raider has slight vertical tracking while it's moving and can be comboed off of.
  • Mauvette Roar is bigger and always wall bounces mid-screen.
  • Navy Pressure is bigger and can hit even at close range. She also has a new horizontal version that launches the opponent away.
  • Seamoss Gate will give Nine a random spell in her Stock Slot if her Active Slot is empty.
  • Flax Nurture doesn't consume or require spells to activate, and will randomly pick a buff if she doesn't have a spell in her Active Slot.
  • Flame Punisher is bigger
  • Cardinal Nova is bigger and will hit multiple times on block, making it safe. The Overdrive version will do the follow-up explosions even on whiff, and the explosions will move progressively closer to the opponent.
  • Azurite Inferno hits full screen.
  • Overdrive gives Nine a random spell in her Active Slot any time it's empty.

Unlimited Izanami

  • 10% damage bonus.
  • Shield of Dreams is always active when she is not in Danger state, and her Barrier gauge doesn't drain over time. Hitting Izanami will deplete her Barrier gauge by just over half, so it usually takes two hits before Shield of Dreams disappears.
  • All normals are overheads during Levitate.
  • 2C launches the opponent in the air.
  • 6D autocorrects the direction before firing at the opponent.
  • 4D, 1D, 2D, and 3D will fire a second time towards their original location after reaching the edge of the stage.
  • Flaming Dome is always at full charge.
  • Thunderbolt Lance can warp behind the opponent.
  • Ghost Peak Strike is bigger and hits 3 times, and she can teleport forward after the move.
  • Arms of Sympathy can feint the attack and teleport to the ground.
  • Distant Affection teleports forward before grabbing the opponent.
  • Orchid hits up to 11 times and can be controlled freely.
  • Droplet hits twice.
  • Izanami now has 4 new command teleports. One teleports her forward, one teleports her backwards, one teleports her upward and has her perform an aerial version of Distant Affection, and one parries the opponent's attack before teleporting behind them and will sometimes activate a counter attack.
  • Stake of Supremacy teleports behind the opponent, even if they're in the air.
  • Moment of Benevolence activates one second faster just like her Overdrive version normally, and in Overdrive it activates even faster.
  • Overdrive allows Izanami to use all of her D moves in normal mode, and her projectiles return to her much faster just like her Overdrive in normal mode. 6D fires instantly. 4D, 1D, 2D, and 3D all do the second attack at the edge of the screen rather than the edge of the stage, and the second attack goes directly toward the opponent.