• I rather feel that Terumi is somehow similar with some of the evil villains from each series.

    1.) Makuta Teridax

    2.) Isaac Ray Peram Westcott

    3.) Oda Nobunaga from Sengoku Basara

    4.) Dark Lord from Ragnarok Online

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    • Also, as a wild thought, maybe the Joker? Or Kefka (and Ardyn too)? Or Tohru Adachi? Or Orochimaru?

      Terumi's overall characterization is not a particularly original one. Ax Crazy arch-enemies are a long-standing archetype, and Terumi is more of a love letter to those kinds of classic villains than something new. What differentiates Terumi is moreso his success rate as a villain and how he is a lot more competent than the average villains, given that he (whether it be through plot-contrived reasons or his own cunning) always seems to get his way until the finale of CF. So yes, your feeling that Terumi has similarities to other villains is more than somehow similar indeed.

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