• For some reason, the Night Bot is undoing A WHOLE amount of info with its cleaning edits, such as removing the info on basic moves and throws and such. I suppose this is an issue that occurs whenever the classic editor is not used for editing (I'm guilty of triggering such a bug myself when editing Koei Wiki).

    On a side note, I've started my own wikia as said before; this one is a crossover dream fighting game wikia that's based on a dream fighting game that doesn't exist that I've been coming up with ever since my youth. Here's the most complete WIP movelist, and I sorta want to see what you think of it.

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    • Can you link me edits where the Night Bot removed information? Because I really can’t find such an example where it removes text from the articles…

      About this article you linked, it looks good!

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    • To be honest, I've fixed most of them already, and only time will tell if I can find another one. The only two examples I clearly remember are Noel and Terumi's moveset pages are being effected.

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    • Also, ty for the article reply. Sadly, I'm a very disorganized fool, and I need to post of Ragna's new movelist soon since he was the very first character I've posted up nearly all changes for.

      Ragna's overall changes in VFR: FW basically gives him several new tools to use in both offense and combos, as well as making most of his stuff much more neutral-on-block-heavy (which is the nature of my dream fighter when it comes to blockstring pressure). A lot of his new moves are also to not use as much of his Drive mechanic, while also gaining a decent amount of buffs.

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