• Ohayo Izanami...genki desu ka ?(how are you?)

    anyway i got 2 quesitons and it will help me if you could asnwer them

    1/do you know a good aracde stick that has square type ball and if you have arcade stick what is it ?

    2/they will continue right ? "awakening the chaos" or that means nothing i want to understand what will happen if this is last game and if it not last game

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      1. Well, I don’t have much knowledge about arcade sticks. One time I bought the cheapest one I could find, as it was my first time to play on such device – it is “Lioncast Retro Arcade Stick (10159)”. Good for PC, but not for PS3, as some buttons need to be pushed harder, almost like something is not connected right. Compatible with PC, PS2, and PS3, so yeah, it must be old.
      2. I’m sure there will be continuation in the future, I can’t see a reason why not. Also, Mori posted two new Murakumo Units on his Twitter, they can be seen here – they surely look like BlazBlue related.
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    • thank you for your fast answer Izanami but if you know someone have knowledge tell me please

      because its big headache to pick a perfect one..

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