• Those who are about to Kill Noel:

    Jin Kisaragi

    Carl Clover

    Litchi Faye-Ling



    Valkenhayn R. Hellsing


    Hibiki Kohaku

    Those who are Defending Noel:

    Ragna the Bloodedge

    Rachel Alucard

    Iron Tager

    Tsubaki Yayoi

    Makoto Nanaya

    Amane Nishiki

    Kagura Mutsuki




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    • Holy. S.

      I never noticed, but that makes sense!!

      The Friendship Squad/Pro-Noel side is basically saying that the new world should be created without sacrificing their morals or sense of what they believe to be right. Like the Anti-Reg.

      The Burn-the-Witch/Noel side wants to either eliminate the root problem by ANY means necessary to them, or fulfilling their goals even if it means making brutal decisions. Like the Pro-Reg (tho they weren't exactly aiming for deicide)

      Also, wasn't Tao kinda on the Defend Noel side (in her own special way)?

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    • I guess, since Ragna did save her against Mu-12 that time. Then again, Taokaka is pretty much hardwired to helping out Good Guy (Ragna) everytime, so that probably counts.

      Plus, you'll also get to see drama from both sides since some of them were allies in the past.

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    • Where's nine on the list?

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    • Only thing I have to say about this is something huge is about to go down and this games story is gonna be crazy

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    • Jin has Hakumen, Valkenhayn and Nu...

      Ragna has Rachel, Amane & Kagura...

      If it were an actual team fight, Jin's team almost stomps Ragna's team damn near soley because of Hakumen XD.

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    • Not only Hakumen lol, I mean he is a big part of their advantage but Valkenhayn is also one of the Six and Nu is pretty powerful hence her being Murakumo.

      But Ragna almost out-matched Hakumen in Calamity Trigger and you know how Ragna was in that arc. Also Rachel was weakened and Amane isn't really all that except him being an observer or whatever.

      so yea I kinda agree but Ragna really isn't on any team here. I recently watched an arcade of him SPOILER ALERT

      and he was arguing with Kagura and disagreeing with him in a conversation and also fought a battle. He also fought Amane too. and told him not to get in his way.

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    • I'm sure Kokonoe can take care of Hakumen because SCIENCE, not sure if Rachel could talk Valkenhayn out of this, as for Nu... Tager?

      Off topic, I can't help but see Es taking the role as SCP-001: The Guardian in CF.

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    • Tsubaki: I'm sorry Jin... But she's my friend...

      Jin: ... So was I...

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    • A FANDOM user
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