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Teach Me, Miss Litchi! (おしえて!ライチ先生 Oshiete! Raichi-sensei), also known as Tell me, Dr. Litchi!, is a series of small episodes focusing around Litchi attempting to teach Taokaka about the world in which they live. Each episode focuses on a different subject within the BlazBlue world, such as the Control Organization, the 7th Agency, or the Ikaruga Civil War. The series has been included in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift along with its sequel, “Teach Me, Miss Litchi! <Reloaded>”, and will retain a third installment in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma as “Teach Me More, Miss Litchi! (もっと教えて!ライチ先生 Motto Oshiete! Raichi-sensei).

Teach Me, Miss Litchi is non-canonical, as stated in the first episode, and is only there to help players better understand the story and certain aspects of BlazBlue. These episodes are based on the help corners often featured in visual novels.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger episodes[]

  • Episode 1: “Opening” (第一話「おーぷにんぐ」 Dai-ichi wa: “Ōpuningu”)
  • Episode 2: “The part of hyappy three girls!” (第二話「ゆかいな三人娘の巻ニャ!」 Dai-ni wa: “Yukaina sannin musume no maki nya!”, localized as “The Three… Stooges?”)
  • Episode 3: “The Shorty and the Hard Guy” (第三話「ちっちゃい人とカチンコチンの人」 Dai-san wa: “Chichai hito to kachinkochin no hito”)
  • Episode 4: “Neat ×, good guy ○” (第四話「ニート×いい人○」 Dai-yon wa: “Nīto kurosu ī hito sākuru”, localized as Slacker 0, Good Guy 1)
  • Episode 5: “The Syeventh Agency!” (第五話「だいにゃにゃきかん!」 Dai-go wa: “Dai-Nyanya Kikan!”, localized as Sec-tor Syeven!)
  • Episode 6: “The Six Hewoes (第六話「ろくえーゆー」 Dai-roku wa: “Roku Ēyū”)
  • Episode 7: “The Hero Will Be Late, Meow” (第七話「ヒーローは遅れてやってくるニャス」 Dai-nana wa: “Hīrō wa okurete yattekuru nyasu”)
  • Episode 8: “Epilogue” (第八話「えぴろーぐ」 Dai-hachi wa: “Epirōgu”)

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift episodes[]

  • Episode 1: “Reunion! The three girls from the Military Academy (第一話「再来! 士官学校3人娘」 Dai-ichi wa: “Sairai! Shikan Gakkō sannin musume”)
  • Episode 2: I want to learn more about vigilantes! (第二話 咎追いについてもっと知りたいのにゃ! Dai-ni wa: Toga oi ni tsuite motto shiritai no nya!)
  • Episode 3: Approaching the mystery of the Coontrol Organization! (第三話 とーせー機構の謎に迫る! ニャ Dai-san wa: Tōsē Kikō no nazo ni semaru! Nya, localized as “Touch bases with the secrets of the In-Oh-Elle!” (“En-OL” in CSII / Extend))
  • Episode 4: “A family’s reputation can be tough, meow.” (第四話「お家柄って大変なのニャ」 Dai-yon wa: “Oiegaratte taihen nano nya”)
  • Episode 5: Magic Formula Armaments? Arch-Enemies? Whyat? (第五話 術式兵装・アークエネミーニャ? Dai-go wa: Jutsushiki Heisō, Āku Enemī nya?, localized as “Ars Armagus? Nox Nyctores? What the?”)

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma episodes[]

  • Episode 1: “Calamity Trigger review” (カラミティトリガーおさらい編 Karamiti Torigā osarai-hen)
  • Episode 2: “Continuum Shift review” (コンティニュアムシフトおさらい編 Kontinyuamu Shifuto osarai-hen)
  • Episode 3: “Ikaruga” (イカルガ編 Ikaruga-hen)
  • Episode 4: “Ikaruga Civil War (イカルガ内戦編 Ikaruga Naisen-hen)
  • Episode 5: “Phase 0, part 1” (フェイズ0前編 Feizu 0 zenpen)
  • Episode 6: “Phase 0, part 2” (フェイズ0後編 Feizu 0 kōhen)


  • Some characters like Nu-13 and Mu-12 don’t appear in any of the previous Teach Me, Miss Litchi! segments. The same applies in Help Me, Professor Kokonoe!, which is another chibi segment.