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Health Double Jumps/Airdashes Dash Type
13,000 None None
Overdrive Duration (in frames)
100 – 90% 89 – 80% 79 – 70% 69 – 60% 59 – 50% 49 – 40% 39 – 30% 29 – 20% 19 – 10% 9 – 0%
180 210 240 300 360 420 480 510 540 600

Iron Tager is a relatively easy to learn grappler who is designed to get huge damage outputs using short yet effective combos, as well as magnetism and throw-related mixups and tech traps. His game is strengthened greatly against magnetized opponents, but right next to your opponent is where a Tager player should be in order to begin bringing the pain. As the game’s grappler, Tager is loaded to the gills with HP; he has the highest health in the game (13000). He excels greatly in mindgames, but his primary weakness is simply being Tager. He has the largest hitbox in the game, which makes him susceptible to some very damaging combos that can only be done on him, and he also the worst mobility in the game, which makes fighting against zoning characters and trap characters like Lambda, Carl, and Relius a dreadful, uphill battle. It is no surprise that he has somewhat even yet mainly bad matchups against every character, and is therefore the worst character in the game statistically. However, it has been proven time and again that Tager is certainly someone you cannot sleep on.

The biggest step to learning Tager is how to get close enough to the opponent to knock them down or magnetize them. Against projectiles, you can use Sledge Hammer (スレッジハンマー Surejji Hanmā) to plow through them, Voltic Charge (ボルテックチャージ Borutekku Chāji) to avoid them, or Spark Bolt (スパークボルト Supāku Boruto) to override the projectile and nail the opponent with a counter hit combo. Make good use of Tager’s backdash, as it can avoid most attacks and allow you to counter with a Gigantic Tager Driver (ギガンティックテイガードライバー Gigantikku Teigā Doraibā) or Genesic Emerald Tager Buster (ジェネシックエメラルドテイガーバスター Jeneshikku Emerarudo Teigā Basutā). Tager’s jump is also an invaluable tool, as it allows you to avoid the opponent’s attacks while getting closer and gives you access to powerful moves, such as j.2C. Also, when paired with j.C, it allows you to move closer to the opponent.

Another big chunk of Tager’s game lies in knowing when to throw and when not to. If you cannot nail the opponent with a combo, catch moves during recovery frames or, if you can predict them, during startup. Also, adding tick throws to your mindgames will greatly increase your effectiveness with Tager. If you have time to start a combo, however, that will almost always be the better option.

Learning to utilize magnetism is a vital tool. Whenever you strike the opponent, hit or blocked, with any of Tager’s D attacks, they will be magnetized for a short period of time. During this time frame, certain attacks are modified to “suck in” the opponent. This removes some of the need of getting in by bringing the opponent to you.

Tager’s Overdrive is Voltic Field (ボルテックフィールド Borutekku Fīrudo), which slowly yet gradually pulls the opponent toward you if he/she is magnetized, and also makes the Electric Gauge regenerate faster.

Command list[]

Basic moves[]

Input Damage Heat gain
A 460 190
BBCS (Tager 5A) Very quick jab.
Your average mid-height poke.
One of Tager’s faster moves, so use mainly to slow rushdowns or stuff fast moves.
Be aware, however, that this move will whiff characters that are low to the ground.
Opens up several combo opportunities on counter-hit.
Input Damage Heat gain
B 480 215
BBCS (Tager 5B) A low kick.
A relatively fast poke.
It can OTG opponents after 360°s, and functions as a very valuable Genesic Emerald Tager Buster buffer.
Input Damage Heat gain
C 1000 414
BBCS (Tager 5C) Thrusts both fists forward.
A very useful move.
Deals good damage and opens up several combo opportunities.
Input Damage Heat gain
2A 400 165
BBCS (Tager 2A) A low punch.
Another basic poke.
In some matchups, this functions as Tager’s main anti-air.
Opens up several combo opportunities on counter-hit.
Input Damage Heat gain
2B 600 269
BBCS (Tager 2B) Tager kicks with both legs.
A low-hitting move.
Useful for mixups and its chain into 2C.
Another useful Genesic Emerald Tager Buster buffer, although it is slightly more difficult than 5B.
Input Damage Heat gain
2C 1200 496
BBCS (Tager 2C) Tager throws his arms above his head.
A situational anti-air.
Use occasionally, but only if you know it will hit. Fatal Counters.
Input Damage Heat gain
6A 800(1000) 331(414)
BBCS (Tager 6A) Forward punch.
A fairly fast move that pulls the opponent in on hit or block.
This move is also affected by magnetism, and negates mid-hitting projectiles, making it a possible way to get in, with practice.
Useful for extending combos.
Input Damage Heat gain
6B 960 397
BBCS (Tager 6B) A huge stomp.
A slow overhead.
Use occasionally in mixups.
Opens up several combo opportunities, and can endlessly chain into itself. Fatal Counters.
In CP Ver. 2.0, it no longer hits overhead, but now has an increase in speed where it can chain/link into itself twice.
Input Damage Heat gain
6C 1500 621
BBCS (Tager 6C) Tager thrusts his upper body forward.
A long-ranged overhead. Vital for OTG combos.
Input Damage Heat gain
3C 760 314
BBCS (Tager 3C) Thrusts both fists downward.
A low-hitting poke.
Knocks the opponent down.
Input Damage Heat gain
A (in the air) 500 207
BBCS (Tager jA) A fast, horizontal aerial attack.
Input Damage Heat gain
B (in the air) 700
BBCS (Tager jB) Thrusts both fists downward.
A very useful aerial.
Hits airborne and grounded opponents.
Useful for its crossup and combo-starting properties.
Input Damage Heat gain
C (in the air) 1050 434
BBCS (Tager jC) Headbutt.
A horizontal aerial.
Moves Tager forward a little bit.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in the air)
1200 496
BBCS (Tager j2C) Falls sideways to the ground.
A very useful aerial.
Upon execution, Tager drops to the ground with a full-body hitbox.
When used immediately prior to landing, it becomes active immediately.
Opens up some good combos. It is used in Tager’s combos as a mid-combo tool as well. Breaks one guard primer on block.


Input Damage Heat gain
BC 0, 1900 0, 786
BBCS (Tager FThrow) Launches opponents away from Tager. Now special cancelable in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.
Use B Sledge after using this throw, regardless of being in midscreen or corner position. If in the corner, cancel B Sledge into its Hammer followup; otherwise use 5C after B Sledge.
Unlike Tager’s command grabs, these normal throws don’t always guarantee damage when landed. Just like everyone else’s normal throws, the opponent is able to tech out of Tager’s normal throw. While it may seem a little redundant and pointless to have these kinds of throws when command grabs exist, there are some benefits to using these over the other kind. The recovery on Tager’s normal throws are considerably shorter, which makes punishing whiffed normal throws less likely to happen than punishing whiffed command grabs. Because of its scarily fast recovery, this move is something that you can throw out whenever without having to worry too much of risk.
However, normal throws defeat the purpose of a grappler, and Tager is no exception. Therefore, these moves should not be the emphasis with your gameplan.
Input Damage Heat gain
4BC 0, 1200 0, 786
BBCS (Tager BThrow) Ground bounces the opponent behind Tager. Can be followed up from anywhere.
Use j.2C to followup when in midscreen, or A Sledge when the opponent ends up in the corner.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in the air)
0, 1200 0, 662
BBCS (Tager AThrow) Ground bounces on hit.
Use j.C just before landing. If you perform this move at a low enough height, just-frame j.2C can (sometimes, should) be done, which is followup-able.
As mentioned in a few other move descriptions, Tager’s gameplay relies heavily on him being grounded for the majority of the match. Thus, you most likely won’t ever need to resort to using an air throw.
This is doubly true with the fact that Tager also has a ground-to-air command throw that serves as somewhat of an effective anti-air. Tager has plenty of ways to disrespect someone’s aerial game that doesn’t include his air throw, so don’t try to capitalize your approach with it. It is at best an option for if you end up in the air (perhaps from after a combo), and nothing more.

Counter Assault[]

Input Damage Heat gain
6AB 0 0
BBCS (Tager 6B) Counter Assault. Downs opponent on hit.
Does indeed hit high.
Tager’s Counter Assault is probably one of the worst in the game; it has a small range, few active frames, and the fact that it hits high adds nothing. As a Tager player, superior defense should be a necessity in order to survive the matchups. With that said, a good defense usually won’t warrant the need of a Counter Assault, so it’s best to stay away and keep the meter for other purposes.

Crush Trigger[]

Input Damage Heat gain
AB 1000 0


Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
Any direction/command + D ボルテックバトラー Borutekku Batorā Voltic Battler -- --
Magnetizes opponent on hit or block.
Magnetized opponents will be pulled towards Tager whenever he does a move with magnetism properties. Strength of pull depends on the move used.
Opponents will de-magnetize after several seconds.
Magnetized opponents are recognizable by the yellow-white lines flickering across their body.
CP Ver. 2.0 enables any of his D moves to have auto-guard/guard points during his Overdrive’s duration.
Input Damage Heat gain
D 1100 455
BBCS (Tager 5D) Delivers a magnetized forward punch. A very large, slow poke.
Useful in combos and blockstrings, and allows for wall-bounce combos on counter-hit.
Useful on occasion as a long-ranged anti-air on a magnetized opponent.
Staggers opponent on hit (no longer blows back grounded opponents like in CT)
Input Damage Heat gain
2D 1200 496
BBCS (Tager 2D) A crouching ram into enemy.
A move with lengthy startup and recovery that moves Tager forward a fairly large distance.
Not very useful as a stand-alone poke, but functions well as a 720° tick.
It is also handy for OTG hits and pressuring magnetized opponents.
Input Damage Heat gain
4D 800 331
BBCS (Tager 4D) Burst of magnetism from fist. Resembles a short-ranged 5D.
Does not cancel into anything, but blows opponent back and wallbounces on counterhit.
Input Damage Heat gain
D (in the air) 1120 463
BBCS (Tager jD) Aerial magnetized punch. An aerial with a fairly large hit-box.
Useful in air to air situations.
When used after the peak of Tager’s jump, it will be cut short by his landing, pulling magnetized opponents closer and allowing for a Genesic Emerald Tager Buster.


Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
ボルテックフィールド Borutekku Fīrudo Voltic Field Voltech Field -- --
Forcefully pulls a magnetized opponent toward Tager.
In CP Ver. 2.0, this also gives his drive-based attacks auto-guard/guard points for the duration.

Exceed Accel[]

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
(during Overdrive)
チャージライトニング Chāji Raitoningu Charge Lightning Charged Lightning 2000
4000 (Active Flow)
BBCF Tager Charged Lightning New move in Centralfiction. Tager grabs the opponent and elctorcutes them, finishes by letting go and making an electric field around himself, which flings the opponent away.

Special moves[]

Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
or B
ギガンティックテイガードライバー Gigantikku Teigā Doraibā Gigantic Tager Driver 0x3, 2700 (A), 0x3, 3700 1117 (A), 1531 (B)
BBCS (Tager Buster) A heavily damaging command grab. A version has more range and a magnetism effect, but has slower startup and deals less damage.
A version is invincible from frames 3-11.
A version can be held; throw activates release.
B version is faster and deals more damage, but has no invulnerability and cannot be held.
Both versions can be followed up with.
In CP Ver. 2.0, the move now launches them higher and away from Tager roughly past 4 normal character lengths.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(in the air)
エアードライバー Eā Doraibā Air Driver 0x3, 2800
New move in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
アトミックコレダー Atomikku Koredā Atomic Collider 0, 1600 993
BBCS (Tager Collider) An anti-air grab that slams the opponent into the ground if successful. It works very well on anticipated jumps, but done too late and it will probably get stuffed.
However, this move is extremely useful in combos.
Magnetism pull is extremely strong, but only works on airborne opponents.
This move is used in a lot of Tager’s tech traps as well.
Has more upper-body invulnerability.
Acts like a throw (unblockable), but prorates normally and cannot be teched mid-combo.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
(in the air)
グレンパニッシュ Guren Panisshu Glen Punisher Crimson Punisher 600, 800
New move in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma.
Tager finally has a way to properly end any combo strings that require going into the air. The best part is, nailing the enemy with the first hit forces untech time until Tager lands on top of them for the second hit, meaning you’re back on the ground with the enemy right next to you, exactly where you want them.
Due to the wide horizontal hitbox of the first hit, this can actually be used as an effective stuff against cheeky ground rush-ins that think they can beat you out because you’re an airborne Tager. Be wary: this tactic requires a fair bit of prediction to execute properly, since the startup isn’t the best and, due to Tager’s nonsensically slow fall speed, the recovery is crippling if you don’t manage to hit them.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
スレッジハンマー Surejji Hanmā Sledge Hammer CT-CS: Sledge Hammer
CP: Sledge
980 405
BBCS (Tager Sledge) Thrusts his arm in a slicing motion. Has projectile guardpoint during startup and active frames, but vulnerable to both normal attacks and projectiles during recovery.
B version floats airborne opponent on hit, can combo into 5C or 2B.
In Extend, B version can be held. The charged version does more damage and drags farther than the normal one.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
(After Sledge Hammer)
追加攻撃 Tsuika Kōgeki Additional attack CT-CS: Additional Attack
CP: Hammer
1200 496
BBCS (Tager Hammer) An overhead attack. Not very useful outside of combos, as it is unsafe on block, although it can catch some opponents off guard.
Breaks one guard primer.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
CP: 41236D
or 623D
スパークボルト Supāku Boruto Spark Bolt 1100 455
BBCS (Tager SparkBolt) A fast-moving projectile that consumes a full energy gauge. This move can plow through other projectiles and cause wall-bounce on hit.
Because it is a D attack, it will magnetize the opponent on hit or block.
Useful for long-distance punishes and in combos.
Try not to be too predictable with this.
Can be stuffed on startup. Projectile will not come out if so and charge meter will be drained anyway. Breaks one Guard Primer on block.
Chronophantasma: 623D will fire it at an upward angle, so super-jumping to beat out this move isn’t nearly as safe anymore.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
CT: 421B
ボルテックチャージ Borutekku Chāji Voltic Charge -- --
BBCS (Tager Charge) A move that charges the energy gauge for as long as the button is held. When the button is released, an additional chunk will be added to the meter.
Mid/high autoguard.
As a result, this move makes for an effective buffer into the Genesic Emerald Tager Buster, especially against bursts and aerials.
Has recovery when released. If interrupted during recovery, Tager gains no additional meter.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(on downed opponent)
ガジェットフィンガー Gajetto Fingā Gadget Finger 0, 100 538
BBCS (Tager Finger) Picks up and magnetizes the opponent. Deals no damage.
Can be held to pull in magnetized opponents. If opponent gets up while 22D is still being held, they will continue to be pulled in and can be grabbed by 22D even while standing.
Opponent is set down in neutral position (no chance to tech). Useful for setting up throw mixups or pressure strings.

Distortion Drives[]

Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
ジェネシックエメラルドテイガーバスター Jeneshikku Emerarudo Teigā Basutā Genesic Emerald Tager Buster 0x3, 5620 --
BBCS (Tager GETB) A highly damaging super grab. Invincible on startup, and can be held to “suck in” magnetized magnetized opponents, although it will not be invincible during this time.
Opponent will automatically be grabbed once in range.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
236236B マグナテックホイール Maguna Tekku Hoīru Magna-Tech Wheel 40x19, 2891 --
BBCS (Tager MTW) Tager becomes magnetically charged and spins around. A useful super move that has 50 frames of auto-guard.
When used against a magnetized opponent, Tager will gravitate towards them, in violation of the laws of physics.
Useful in combos and as a counter to jump-ins.
On block, it should be RCed and followed-up with pressure or mind games.
Last hit sometimes crosses up magnetized opponents who have been pulled to the other side.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(after Magna-Tech Wheel)
テラブレイク Tera-Bureiku Tera Break 3500 --
BBCS (Tager TerraBreak) Tager thrusts his fist magnetically charged fist forward. In most situations, this follow-up is very useful, as it adds extra non-burstable damage and opens up further combo opportunities.
Costs an additional 50% heat.

Astral Heat[]

Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
キングオブテイガー Kingu obu Teigā King of Tager Death --
BBCS (Tager Astral) A wickedly powerful throw. Hold button to pull in magnetized opponent.
Has extremely high magnetic pull (will pull opponent in from fullscreen almost instantly)
Looks like a throw, but is actually an unblockable attack (will hit airborne opponents as well as grounded ones, and cannot be teched).
Has no invulnerability and can be poked out of it on reaction.


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