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Tōya Kagari (篝橙八 Kagari Tōya) is the main protagonist of XBlaze – Code: Embryo and the true deuteragonist in XBlaze – Lost: Memories. He was the former wielder of the Legacy Weapon – Crystalline Sealed Blade: Murakumo, and is an artificial human born from the Original Grymoire.


Tōya is a young man with stylish brown hair and eyes that turns red when using the power of the Grymoire. He wears a standard school uniform consist of white collar chemise shirt with school emblem on his right collar, red tie with double black shape V’s and navy blazer jacket, black trousers, and brown shoes. In Lost: Memories, his hair became messier.

Outside of school grounds, he wears a plain black hoodie with blue lines decorating the edges. He wears it over a plain simple gray shirt.


He has a very curious and gentle personality and goes out of his way to resolve any fights around him, even if it results in personal injury to himself (This, however, may stem from the single memory of his mother telling him to “Protect”). He also has a strong sense of obligation, such as the fact that he believes that his mother (and possibly he himself) was at fault for a large incident that occurred which resulted in his only survival, and is therefore responsible for “repenting” in some way. He eventually hardens up as time passes, and even opens up Es to an emotional perspective and he eventually started to fall in love with Es, who also had the same feelings for him. It is shown that his special bond with Es allows him to subconsciously remember her even after he had his memories erased.

During Lost: Memories, thanks to his training with Mei, he has become more brave and, even though he would rather avoid fighting, is willing to fight if it means protecting those he cares about and dealing with Unions. He also has becoming more willing and understanding, when he and Hinata suggested and allowed Es to stay with them, when in the past he thought letting others in their home unannounced would cause problems.


Tōya Kagari is a second year student of class B. He currently resides with the Himezuru family and worked at Maha☆Raja~ Curry Shop as a part-time job until the store mysteriously closed. [1]

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 92, Type B)

As a small child, Tōya was orphaned after his mother, Ryōko Kagari, died protecting him during the Wadatsumi Mass Vanish Incident. In the orphanage, Tōya met Yuki Himezuru, and Hinata Himezuru. When Yuki came of age, she adopted the two of them. At school, Tōya did whatever he could to stop bullies from getting to others, which led to him meeting and befriending Akira Kamewari – his future best friend.

XBlaze – Code: Embryo[]

Tōya woke up to Hinata Himezuru’s humming, being alarmed when she told him it was past-four in the afternoon. He was reminded about having work in the day, and that Akira Kamewari was running late; he denied the kind offer from Hinata about going on ahead while she waited for their friend. After using the TOi, Akira finally arrived and handed Tōya his data stick back that contained the information that he had compiled on the local serial killer. After talking about the killings, the bell rang and Tōya rushed towards work. At work, he endured Ringo Akagi’s teasing while he cleaned the tables, only to be interrupted as she gave him a lecture about the “mannerisms of curry”.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 28)

After work, he walked home when he heard a bell. It came from the restricted zone of the city, and he decided to investigate. Upon entering the restricted zone, he found an injured man walking around. Tōya attempted to help the man but he started rambling on about Tōya being an “enemy” and attacked him with a strange ability. Before the man could injure him, a girl in blue arrived and attacked the man. Tōya attempted to intervene but is quickly shoved aside. As the fight between the girl and the man continues, Tōya eventually passed out from the shock. Tōya woke up sometime later, unconsciously returned home and passed off the incident as a nightmare. He was met by his housemate, Hinata Himezuru, about a guest that has been waiting for him.

Tōya was horrified to find the girl in blue, who introduced herself as Es, waiting for him. Tōya argued with Es, telling her to leave, but the young girl insisted she stay until her superiors arrive. Said superiors soon came knocking on the door and introduced themselves as Sōichirō Unomaru of the Mitsurugi Agency and Mei Amanohokosaka of the Amanohokosaka family. From these people, Tōya learned of the “Unions” who are people who develop special abilities but slowly lose their sanity as a result. Unomaru questioned Tōya about the events that transpired earlier that day and insisted that Es must stay at the Himezuru residence to guard and monitor Tōya until he can complete a few tests. Tōya reluctantly agreed as Unomaru and Mei left for the night.

The next morning, Tōya found that Es had already left and breathed a sigh of relief. He walked with Hinata to school and met up with their friend Akira along the way. As class begun, Es suddenly appeared wearing a school uniform with the teacher introducing her as a new student. Es took the seat directly behind Tōya as the young man began to dread what may happen next. A little later on in the day, Es explained to him that she was still to protect him.

During a break, Tōya began to question Es as to how and why she was in school grounds, but was interrupted by Sōichirō, who explained that the Mitsurugi Agency had outright bought the school, and about the events of the Wadatsumi Mass Vanish Incident. He further pushed by explaining that Tōya had a responsibility to help Es with locating Unions since his mother was seemingly responsible for Unions existing. He was left with the choice to help them, and Sōichirō left. A little later on, Es and Tōya went to the rooftop, where he explained that he would definitely help them with locating Unions. He was interrupted by Mei who berated him for giving into the Agency’s demands. On top of this, she inserted the Guarding Positioning System into his head, allowing her to monitor him wherever he should go.

En route to the Himezuru residence with Es, Tōya heard a Discover Call in Akira’s general direction. He and Es rushed to its source, finding Akio Osafune and Kuon Glamred Stroheim alongside Akira. They startled the former two, sending them off in different directions; Tōya chastised Akira for putting himself in a dangerous circumstance for the umpteenth time; the situation did not get any better as Sōichirō dropped in, congratulating him for deciding to help himself and the Agency. He then walked back home with Es and Hinata after regrouping with the latter.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 32)

Tōya came back to the household to get jumped by Yuki. After a fair amount of teasing, he and Es left to find Akio and bring him to the Agency since the amount of trouble he could cause would be devastating. With the surprise help of Kuon, they were able to best him and detain him, to Tōya’s disgust as Es began to interrogate him. Preventing her from doing any more damage to him, and after getting info from Akio about Tōya himself having something called the Original Grymoire, they were intruded upon by Acht and Drei, formerly of the Ten Sages; chastising Es at the idea of them leaving Kuon to deal with the both of them. Thankfully, the Sages did not desire a fight, so they swiftly fled with Akio in tow. Just as the as the three were left with what happened, Tōya saw a mysterious white haired man from afar, passing out after seeing his piercing green eyes, much to Es’ confusion and Kuon’s concern. The following morning, after Tōya woke up from a nightmare related to the white haired man, he got an explanation from Hinata that Es and Kuon carried him home after he passed out and that Kuon got permission to stay with them from both Yuki and the Mitsurugi Agency; Kuon then explained about her mission and the Magick Association before leaving. On the way to school, he met Mei and told her about Kuon, enraging the young woman since she would have to work alongside a member of the Magick Association. At class, Tōya felt a mixture of surprise, confusion, and exasperation as like with Es before her, Kuon moved into to his, Hinata, and Es’ class as a transfer student.

At school, Tōya had lunch with Hinata, Kuon, Akira, and Es. Later on, he went to talk with Kuon and Es about the threats that the Ten Sages posed. After being told about Drei, Acht, and Sechs, he was told about why they would be after him, being told a little about the Original Grymoire. After school, Tōya went to work since he needed the money for rent. While working, Ringo brought in Es from outside. She began to pester him about his relationship with Es, and would not stop the whole night.

Once work had finished, Tōya and Es walked back home but saw Mei along the way and stopped to talk to her. They found out that she was currently investigating a crime scene where Akio Osafune had been murdered. Feeling sick, Tōya asked who could possibly do such a thing but the answer was simple – Ripper, a serial killer who hunted Unions. After hearing her explanation, they met the very man himself as he launched into a full-on attack. Despite having been taunted repeatedly, Tōya stood his ground and eventually, the Union fled. Despite this, Es went on and pursued him, leading Mei and Tōya to attempt and catch up with her. Eventually, Mei had had enough and flew them there, understandingly startling Tōya. When they arrived, their presence made Ripper flee, leaving them alone with Es and the recently arrived bounty hunter, Avenge. Jumping in to protect Mei from his insults, Tōya was met with a hard thud to the head, knocking him out.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 37, Type B)

He woke up some time later, being carried by Es back home. The two talked about why Tōya constantly puts himself in danger but he could not think of a suitable answer to give her. They eventually arrived home, and Hinata put him in the bath after Es had hers. Before doing so, he had a short conversation with Kuon about the Embryo and the Original Grymoire, where she tried her best to inform him about them both. After school, Tōya went shopping with both Es and Hinata for a massive meal in the evening since Yuki would be home, along with getting some pudding for dessert at Hinata’s suggestion and Es’ interest. Once the meal started, Tōya watched on as Akira and Yuki fought over the meat, not getting much himself. He was then invited to go swimming with the group the following day, and met Sōichirō, who told him that the Agency also owned the pool as well. Once the group decided to leave, Tōya lightly teased Yuki for using words that had fallen out of fashion. On the way back home, Tōya was thanked by Kuon for letting her stay, and went to have a word with Hinata; once he came back to pick up Kuon, she lashed out at him, but apologized afterwards since she was in a sour mood after meeting Mei.

On the school roof the following day at lunch time. Tōya and Kuon talked about anime, and was told a little about her friend, Els von Klagen. They were soon barged in on by Mei, and she scampered off to find Es. Late at night, Es told Tōya about a Gainart explosion that had only just occurred, but they were interrupted by Kuon, who requested that they help her in setting down wards to help locate the Ten Sages. While doing so, they talked about Legacy Weapons, with Tōya being shocked that both women owned one.

Outside of the Himezuru residence, Es and Tōya spotted a suspicious individual outside of their house, after attempting to handle it delicately, they ended up talking to them, as the individual introduced herself as Els von Klagen – Kuon’s friend that she had mentioned earlier. They took her inside and waited for Kuon to arrive home, but when she did, they all put up with the rather odd relationship between both Kuon and Els. The next morning, Tōya was invited out to go shopping with Es, Kuon, and Els; they temporarily met Akira and Hinata, but Tōya was dragged away to allow the two to have some private time together. Further venturing down the street, they met Acht, who was casually having a cup of tea outside a hotel. Tōya begged Es to not get involved, but thankfully, Acht held off her assault, and disappeared.

Akira had gone missing after the incident, and Tōya desperately attempted to help find him until he suddenly heard a Discover Call in the direction of the Himezuru residence. Running back to the house, he found Acht holding Hinata hostage. He begged Es to not rush in and attack since Hinata herself could be seriously injured; she disobeyed and launched herself, but was held back by mysterious red wires. Tōya scanned for their source and found them to be emanating from Akira himself. After several actions from Akira, Es was knocked unconscious, much to Tōya’s horror. Although Acht released Hinata and left, Akira attacked Tōya and knocked him unconscious as well.

Although Hinata and Es recovered, Tōya was thoroughly angry with Es for disregarding Hinata’s life, he attempted to give her the cold shoulder, shouted at her in the hallway of the house, and told her that he cannot bare to speak with her. He went down into the kitchen and unexpectedly met Yuki. He offered her some coffee, and she told him to cheer up, and not to worry about things, reassuring him. A little later on, Hinata woke up and brought Es down with her, leading Tōya to leave out of anger, being unable to look at her face after what had happened. Some time later, Es informed him that she would be on a three-hour break, warning him to not leave the house. Regardless, Tōya left, but ran into Mei.

The two went to Maha Raja, and bumped into Ringo. After a little teasing for bringing another girl to the restaurant, they sat down. Tōya listened to Mei’s story about her ancestor, the Blue Shrine Maiden, and the Amanohokosaka family. They talked until Es arrived to pick him up. Back at the Himezuru residence, Kuon and Es talked to him about the potential risk of Akira’s infection, mentioning that he has the high possibility of dying.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 116, Type B)

Out of the blue, Tōya received a surprise phone call from Akira, beckoning him to the school. As he rushed out of his room, Es was outside his door waiting for him, wondering what he is doing; in order to pass, he lied to her, saying that he had heard a Discover Call in the direction of the abandoned factory, despite the fact it lay over 500 meters away, even regretfully ordering her away to do so, unaware Es would no longer take them. With Es out of the picture, Tōya rushed into school, desperately trying to locate his best friend, but to no avail until he finally found him on the school roof. There, Akira’s mental instability took full swing as he attacked Tōya relentlessly. Thankfully for Tōya, Es had disobeyed his command and followed him, cutting down the wires of Akira’s Drive. Watching his two friends fight, Tōya had had enough, and cut between the two of them, begging them to stop fighting and emotionally beseeching Akira to the point where he had a brief moment of mental lucidity; Tōya watched as his best friend managed to rip his crystal out of his body. He held Akira in his arms as the former Union thought he would not make it. Thankfully, and miraculously, Akira survived, and was admitted to the Neo Yokozaki University Hospital under Yuki’s watch.

Morning came, with Tōya being informed by Es that Sōichirō wants Es to report back with Es leaving, however before Tōya started to head back, Es ran back to him to apologize about her actions regarding Hinata, feeling remorseful for what she almost did. Tōya, realizing Es truly does care about Hinata and feeling bad for how he treated her, also apologizes for yelling, ignoring and giving her orders, which leads to an awkward moment when she asked him if he liked her now. After clearing things up, Tōya mentions that sense they both wanted to apologize they technically already made things right with each other without realizing it. The two friends, now on good terms again and having forgiven each other, go their separate ways for the time being, wishing each other to be safe on their way to their destination.

Tōya and Yuki talked about Akira and his condition, but he seemed to be making good recovery given the circumstances he was in. He went out for a breath of fresh air and met Kuon, the two expressed a slight happiness at Akira surviving, but Tōya expressed his concern regarding Es’ background, even asking if she had parents at one point. Kuon then tells and reveals to Tōya that Es is an artificial life form created by Sōichirō, surprising him. Kuon tries to reassure him that Es is still a person regardless, but Tōya was more concerned about how Es nearly died because she did not get her treatment from Sōichirō, showing he still views and cares for her as a person, much to Kuon’s relief. They were interrupted by Sōichirō, prompting Kuon to leave. Tōya then confronts Sōichirō about Es, to which he reveals first hand that he did create Es, but Tōya asked him why he abandoned Es, stating that if she did get her treatment, she would have died, but Sōichirō casually told that Es was a thing and not a person, while stating that he is working on a new version to replace her. This leaves Tōya appalled and confused at Sōichirō’s lack of concern towards Es and his lack of empathy in general. Soon afterwards, Sechs, Acht, and Drei appeared before the two because of Sechs’ desire to find out what Tōya and Sōichirō wants; with Sōichirō’s reply to preserve and save mankind’s future while Tōya’s reply is to protect the world and the people important to him from people like Sechs. With this, the Sages teleported away, having found their answer, leaving Tōya and Sōichirō confused and relieved at what happened. Tōya went back into Akira’s room, and received a call from Hinata’s phone. However, the caller was not Hinata, instead, it was Ripper, revealing he had kidnapped her; he taunted Tōya, calling him out to find him before sundown or she would be murdered.

Frantic, Tōya quickly told Kuon what happened before rushing outside to try and find her before the sun set. He received another phone call coupled with a Discover Call. Rushing to the source, Tōya and Kuon were finally able to find Ripper and Hinata on top of an unfinished building. Disgustingly, Tōya and Kuon listened as Ripper reveled in the fact that he was the one who murdered Yuki’s parents years ago. He then started counting down for the young man to make a decision, but cut the chain that held Hinata before Tōya could even react. Having felt that he had lost Hinata,

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 67, Type A)

Tōya lost control of the Original Grymoire, dispelling the G.P.S, and it spiraled out of control, an all consuming mist flooded out of his body, draining the majority of Ripper’s magic element, leaving him weak. Struggling to regain himself, even with Kuon, and then Mei’s help, Tōya’s state became critical; thankfully, Es had arrived with Hinata in her arms, revealing that she had caught her. The sight of Hinata calmed Tōya down and he lost consciousness. Later waking up to the sight Kuon and Mei; they went back to the Himezuru household in order to discuss what had happened.

Back at the house, Mei told Tōya and Kuon about the Black Beast and how it would eventually rise from the Boundary. He listened as Mei came to the deduction that his Original Grymoire could summon parts of the Beast to physically fight. Kuon told him about how he went insane once he unleashed his powers, and how Kazuto would be able to easily finish off Ripper once he is weak. Tōya further listened to the full tale of the Blue Shrine Maiden, and how she died to save the world. They then began to discuss if it was true about Sōichirō trying to control the world, something which the young man personally disagreed with. He watched as Kuon dramatically left to finish off her mission, jumping out of the door to try and catch up with her.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 61)

Failing to find Kuon, Tōya arrived at the wharf, only to be found by Es who told him that he had been classified as a high-risk Union by Sōichirō. Desperately trying to fight his case, Tōya was shocked as Es denied her orders, and chose to help him instead. Tōya however, due to Es becoming another important person in his life, refuses Es’ help as he did not want her to be killed for treason. After reassuring him she will be alright, Es makes a promise that if he loses control of the grymoire and becomes the Black Beast, she will stop him before he hurts anyone close to him, with the promise made, they both set out. Unfortunately, Mei arrived, having been put in charge of the squad sent to detain him. Stubbornly refusing to back down proved to be in their favor as Mei quit her job, aiding in their escape. To get away from the other units, they jumped down a manhole in the main sewers of the city, and were helped into a safer location by Avenge. Es began to inform the both of them about Event Interference she learned from Sōichirō and the Embryo, which bothers the two as it means while it will bring peace, it would take away people’s free will, which nither Tōya and Avenge would want. Right than, the soldiers finally arrived at their location and with little else to do, they parted from Avenge as he dealt with the soldiers.

Further down the sewers, Drei appeared in their path, openly unleashing his attacks onto the pair of them. Drei reveals he is here on Sechs’ command to destroy Es, calling her a doll and not viewing her as a person, prompting Tōya to defend her rights as a living person. After being immobilized by Drei and being forced to watch Es get hurt by him, Tōya began to lose control of the Grymoire, but before Es could fulfill her promise Drei knocks Es down and prepares to kill her. Tōya then finds himself in the grymoire where he meets with an illusion of Ripper. Due to absorbing his magic element, Ripper somehow appeared in the grymoire. Ripper then starts attacking him trying to get him to fight back, he then tortures him further by killing an illusion of Es in front of him. He then told him that it was his fault that “Es” died because he did not do anything. Tōya resolved that he will protect those close to him, but will not kill anyone. Somewhat content with his words Ripper briefly activates his grymoire, allowing Tōya to attack Drei and save Es. Thankfully, they escaped from Drei’s clutches when Avenge took over the fight for the pair. Tōya and Es discussed about how much of the grymoire he was able to use and are wondering how to utilize it. On their way out, due to Es’ injuries, she nearly collapses prompting Tōya to catch her and help her way out, with Es stating that, despite them getting soaked, his embrace is warm, much to Tōya’s confusion. Outside, they met Mei, who took them back to the Himezuru house.

While waiting for Hinata to return from the shop, Tōya was debriefed by Kuon (who had ashamedly returned) about the whole of the Wadatsumi Incident. Deeming Sōichirō’s hideous plans too dangerous, Es, Kuon, Mei, and Tōya decided to head out to the restricted ward and confront him after Hinata had returned.

Running deeper and deeper inside the ward, the group of four encountered Acht. The girls ordered Tōya to go on without them while they held her off; a little later on, Es joined up with him, having been ordered to assist him. They delved deeper into the facility, meeting the first of the Es-N units, and hearing Sōichirō over the intercom. Tōya stood up for Es after the mad scientist insulted her; this did not last long as they quickly rushed through the halls to escape from the unit. Es chose to stay behind, sadly explaining to Tōya that her job is to capture Unions or if they enter Phase 5, to eliminate them, confessing that although she had to, felt guilty for it. Despite saying she can’t be redeemed, she wants to try by protecting him, but before Tōya can confront her, Es-N slowly closed in, with Es saying she’ll hold it off and confront it while Tōya went ahead. Beofre heading there, he made Es promise to catch up, to which she replies yes.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 75, Type B)

Descending down the elevator to the level where Sōichirō lay in wait along with four Es-N units beside him, the two had a standoff, and began to discuss their ideologies. Tōya listened to the scientist’s mad plans of controlling the world through mind control because of a tragic incident in his past, and disagreed with him. Tōya, however, had no say in the matter, and had fallen into his trap since he needed Tōya’s Original Grymoire in order to make his plan bear its fruits. The four Es-N units surrounding Sōichirō pinned the young man down, using their specially made blades to alter the flow of magic element that the Grymoire had absorbed. Shocked, he watched as Sōichirō revealed that Hinata was the Embryo, and that she was being implemented into the T-system. Becoming enraged at the revelation, he unknowingly charged the crystals Sōichirō harvested from the Unions, powering up the Embryo as he activated his Grymoire.

Just when Sōichirō thought he succeeded in his plans, Sechs arrived and fatally wounded the scientist as well as destroying the Es-N units surrounding him. Sōichirō attempted to stop him, but despite Tōya’s warning, he fell into the gate to his death. As Sechs turned his sights to Hinata and the Embryo, Es arrived as promised and after hearing what Tōya witnessed, tried to prevent the former Sage from killing Hinata, but was unfortunately pushed aside. They could do little but watch in terror as he threw her into the Boundary. As Tōya attempted to go after Hinata to save her, Sechs struck him down, knocking him unconscious.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 98)

Afterwards in the subconscious of his mind, Tōya had a deep moment, and after overcoming the illusion of Ripper in his mind, he was able to talk to the heart of the Grymoire, the Arbitrator. They talked, and Tōya gained hope, and the ability to control his power. Upon awaking, he was horrified to see Kuon and Mei knocked unconscious and Es nowhere in sight except for her sword. Sechs revieled he defeated Es, bringing great sorrow and rage to him, demanding Sechs bring her and Hinata back. As Sechs turned his sights toward him, Tōya heard Es’ voice, telling not to give up and use his grymoire. Thanking her for believing in her, Tōya picks up the Murakumo and activates his grymoire’s ability, XBlaze. Despite his improved abilities, Sechs incapacitated him, but at that point, Es’ voice called to him from the Boundary, confirming that she’s still alive, and teleports Tōya to her current location.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 84)

Inside an enclosed space that Es had created, she revealed that she had inherited the Embryo from Hinata and returned her to her room safely with no memories of her being the Embryo. She told Tōya that the only way to best Sechs was for him to go to the original time loop, where Sechs’ power was at its lowest, sadly saying she has to kill him in order to save their world and everyone they love. He agreed to do so, albeit upset that he would have to kill someone. In the timeline, Tōya did a single mortal draw against the Sage, cutting down his crystal, and ending the Sage forever. He returned to the enclosed space, sadly feeling what Es felt whenever she took a Union down. However, Es reassured him he saved everyone and that the future will now unfold. However, Es sadly revealed that she can’t go back with him and that the Embryo had no place in the real world, and she decided to stay inside the Boundary to protect humanity from its fearsome power; however Tōya, realizing that he’s in love with Es, tries to convince her not to leave. After Es kisses him as a final farewell, she erases herself from his and everyone else’s memories, for their own good, despite his wishes not to.

Having forgotten Es and their escapades, a month has passed sense the Embryo incident, Tōya began to help Mei and Kuon with the Unions, using his grimore and the Murakumo to incapacitate them to get them in for treatment. He would also have another encounter the Arbiter in his grymoire again when he went to sleep, although the Arbiter was unsure about speaking to him because Tōya spoke to him about twenty times, forgetting each time. They speak to each other for a while about Tōya forgetting the Arbiter, to which says Tōya he can’t, as well as his resolve to learn about his past and how he never got a chance to ask Sōichirō about why Tōya was there at the Wadatsumi Laboratory. While the Arbiter tried to tell Tōya it would be best if he never learned the truth, Tōya resolved to find out about his past before falling 'asleep' and parting ways with the Arbiter, to which he is hopeful that Tōya can handle that painful truth.

The next day, Tōya tried to find something about the Wadatsumi Incident, but kept getting the same thin he already knew. He would speak to Mei and Kuon in private, with Mei letting Tōya know partway through that with Sōichirō’s death, his contract with the agency is done, suggesting that he goes back to his normal life, but understands his wish to know his past. Tōya requested that Mei and Kuon help him find his past, even though it’s his own personal problem, to which the two agree too, while noting that he changed for the better, letting others help help in his own problems and being more thankful instead of constantly apologizing. The next day, Kuon says her goodbyes to Tōya, Hinata, and Yuki, stating that she enjoyed her time with them. Although Tōya notes that she lost her brother, while Kuon says it was sad, she holds no ill will toward him about what happened. Kuon then leaves for Ishana, telling them that she will visit them again someday.

Sometime after Kuon’s departure, Ringo stayed with Tōya and Hinata for some time, making curry with the latter for ten days. While on the tenth day she stayed, Mei came by to tell Tōya that while she combed over Sōichirō’s office, she found his personal journal hidden in an unexpected place, but has yet to unlock it. She also reveiled that the Mitsurugi Agency is an international organization, funded by rich people, with Sōichirō being the New Yokozaki Brach leader, surprising Tōya. Kuon and Els than called to notify Tōya of what they found. They reviel that aside Takamagahara, the Magick Association also assisted them in the Embryo project, but primarily helped to find the “Roots of the Blue”, essentially a god, as well as giving them the Original Grymoire. It was also noted that a portion of the Association were victims in the incident, including some of the previous Ten Sages. Ringo than briefly interrupts Tōya to let him know she’s leaving and that she’ll see him later, briefly stunning Kuon and Els before leaving it be. After the young conjurers hang up, Tōya requests to Mei to look in Sōichirō’s office to find something, with her giving him a special key card to enter.

Upon arriving, Tōya surveyed Sōichirō’s office hoping it would jog his memory. Humorously, Tōya briefly coming across a collection of frilly dresses’ that Sōichirō owns, briefly getting a wrong about him before dismissing it. Before he left, he experienced a memory flash involving the Embryo project’s failure and the start of the Wadatsumi Incident through, hearing Sōichirō’s voice, confirming that Tōya was indded there. Outside, Tōya would then recall that everything began in the restricting ward, from meeting Hinata, Yuki, and Akira to his encounter with Screaming Jaw, but for some reason, cannot remember the person who saved his life that night. Just than Avenge showed up, who had apparently been told by Mei to come to the restricted ward. Even though he was about to leave, Tōya convinced him to tell him what he knows. Avenge tells him that during his time there, he was hired by the Magick Association to protect a high ranking conjurer from the Association and reviels to Tōya that his mother, Ryōko Kagari, was best friends with Mei’s mother, Sui Amanohokosaka, surprising Tōya as it means that he and Mei have a much more shared history than he originally thought. Avenge also points out that while he did speak to Ryōko on rare occasions, he never saw Tōya with her even once, confusing him as he should’ve been there, to which Avenge could only assume that he was in a room he never went into. Telling him all he knows and before leaving, Avenge tells Tōya to keep fighting if he wants all his memories back. Taking Avenge’s advice, Tōya vows to uncover his entire past, no matter how painful it is.

The next day, Mei calls Tōya to meet her at Sōichirō’s office for a private conversation, with Mei telling him she has translated most of Sōichirō’s journal. Mei than tells that Sōichirō set up the journal in advanced in case he lost his memory and when Tōya pointed out that he should have forgotten, Mei pointed out that he would instinctively find it in the last possible place most people would look and sense his journal is written in a unique cipher code he made, he would translate it easily. Mei says she’s found the answers Tōya’s looking for, but says with a serious look that she won’t tell him unless he promises that he will always be “Tōya Kagari”, as the truth will hurt him to the point that he can’t view himself the same way again. Knowing that this was the moment he knew was coming, Tōya promises to be himself to the very end. Mei than reveals that at the Wadatsumi Incident, Tōya was there getting treatment for a Drive ability, shocking Tōya that he had a Drive, with Mei telling him that like Ripper and Sechs, he was an irregular type as his mental state never degenerated, with the idea that irregular type Unions don’t lose their sanity. However, unlike Ripper or Sechs’ Drive, Tōya’s Drive was very dangerous as his Drive, the ability to control blood, made his six year old body very weak as a result. As he is still alive, he believed he was cured sense he didn’t have a Drive or crystal with the possibility that they can cure other Unions, Mei sadly says that it isn’t the case, as he died when he was six years old.

Thinking he heard it wrong, he asked Mei what she meant. Mei once again said he died at the age of six, causing Tōya to be really confused and concerned at who he is now. Mei than reveals it was the combination of Event Interference copying his existence to the Original Grymoire that brought him into being, at the sad realization that it created the black tornado causing the incident. Furious that he could have potentially killed people, Mei calmed him down saying that New Yokozaki City would have been destroyed if it weren’t condensed and, with the exception of Tōya being an artificial human made from the Grymoire and his original self dying from his Drive, what she said could be mere speculation and theory at best. Having calmed down, he points out that Mei’s not bothered with him not being human, but while Mei adimitted that she was surprised at first, it doesn’t change how she views or thinks about him in any way. Mei tells him to go home and rest while she deciphers the rest of Sōichirō’s journal to uncover more info, but before leaving tells Tōya to keep the promise to be himself, to which he responds yes. After she left, Tōya sadly thanked Mei for helping him learn the truth before returning home.

Some time after, Tōya fell into a depressed state, questioning his existence. Hinata came to tell him she’s going to visit Akira, asking if he wants to come. After some thought, and prompting from Hinata that he needs to get out of his room, Tōya happily agrees to go see Akira. Upon arriving, Tōya is happy that Akira is starting to do better. While talking, Akira tells Tōya that he now has a goal, to become a doctor, which surprises him greatly as he can’t picture him being one. Akira tells him the reason for this is because Yuki saved his life and how much happiness Yuki brought to her patients. Akira then confesses that he remembers bits and pieces of when he was a Union, stating if it weren’t for Tōya stopping and talking sense back into him, he would have died and wouldn’t be here, thanking him. Hinata than showed up, accidentally revealing that Akira wanted to speak to him sense Hinata mentioned it to him. Touched that they wanted to help and guilty that he worried them, apologizes for worrying them, to which they say otherwise as they were happy to help him. Although Akira and Hinata said that Tōya can tell them anything, Tōya says that he needs to resolve his current problem on his own first, promising to tell them that he will explain everything after he takes care of it, to their understanding. Right then, Mei calls him to meet her at Sōichirō’s office again. After saying his goodbye for now with Akira and Hinata, he heads to the . Upon arriving, Tōya confirms that he feels better after talking to Akira, happy that he has friends like him, confessing that he doesn’t deserve it. His resolve to find the truth renewed, he goes to meet up with Mei.

After arriving at Sōichirō’s office, Mei notices Tōya’s improved emotional state, even praising Akira for cheering him up in her own way when Tōya brought it up. Mei reviels the next info is actually updated info, but from Ryōko’s notes instead of Sōichirō’s journal, including the reason behind the Wadatsumi Incident and the first time he died. Mei explains that when Sōichirō found, he tried to spread bad rumors about her, while also telling Tōya that Ryōko’s notes detail her fight and her will, with this Tōya wishes to know. Mei than explains that about a year after Tōya was brought to Wadatsumi for treatment, a little girl with blue eyes was brought in, due to having circumstances similar to a Union, confirming it was the girl from his memories. Mei also revealed that the girl was the Embryo, surprising Tōya as the Embryo was human. During the Embryo’s stay, Ryōko figured she and Tōya could use a friend with each other and got them together, becoming good friends. He than learned to his disgust that Takamagahara experimented on her in order to use Event Interference. The original Tōya thought the same way and tried to escape with the girl, even using his Drive to ward off their pursuers, but died due to forcing it. This results in Ryōko falling into a deep depression and the girl being sent through more experiments, beginning Ryōko’s fight alongside Mei’s mother, Sui. Their fight ended with the Wadatsumi Incident, along with Tōya’s “revival” by the Embryo and the Original Grymoire.

Having heard the full truth, Tōya thanks Mei for her help, to which she gives her thanks as well for learning more about her mother. They go on to mention that their bond as friends and comrades is no different to how Ryōko and Sui were, with Mei mentioning it was their mothers and fate that brought them together. Having made up his mind, he tells Mei, who was also content with the truth, that he wants to officially join Sleipnir in the Mitsurugi Agency, not because it’s expected of him, but because he wants to. He explains that he wants to use his powers to protect his home and the people he cares about, something that his mother and his original self would want. Mei, impressed with his resolve and due to being short on staff, officially welcomes him into Sleipnir’s and becoming his commanding officer,  much to Tōya’s relief for the former. Mei decides to reward him with a flashdrive, telling him to look over its contents when he gets home. Just as Tōya was going to go home, Mei reminds him that if he needs to be somewhere first. Remembering that he needs to tell Akira about what he’s going to do now, he heads to the hospital.

Upon arriving he finds Akira and Hinata, to which the latter was visiting. Tōya hears great news that Akira will be starting his rehab soon, so he’ll be able to move around again. Akira notices that Tōya looks content, with Tōya stating that he resolved things and like he promised plans to tell him and Hinata what he’ll be doing from now on. Before he could say anything, he hears a Discover Call close to the school, and he tells Akira and Hinata to wait till tomorrow to hear what he has to say, to which they agree. He as he was leaving, he sees Yuki. She questions where he was going, before confirming it’s something only he can do, to which he replies. Giving a smile of confidence, she wishes Tōya luck and to be careful on his way, to which he responds positively before heading to the school to handle the Union.

He would tell Akira, Hinata and Yuki about his new position in Sleipnir and that he will help Mei with the Unions, in which they support him and keeps it a secret from civilians for him. He would than check out the flashdrive Mei gave him at his home and found that it contains recorded footage of him, his mother, and the Embryo girl bonding and playing with each other in peace, much to Tōya’s happiness.

Another month has passed after his resolution, Tōya woke up to Hinata’s humming. He and Mei went to hunt down Unions for treatment with the last of the Es-N units. Afterwards, he and Hinata went to visit Akira in hospital, finding that he had made a remarkable recovery, although his hands are still recovering and can’t use them well right now. Hinata revealed that she brought some pudding as a snack for them and tries to feed Akira, much to the latter’s embarrassment. While watching this Tōya briefly saw a glimpse of someone he doesn’t recall and began to cry, to which Akira and Hinata took notice of. He briefly left to go wash his face, but found out that he couldn’t stop crying, feeling that he had forgotten someone important to him, due to his feelings for this “special someone” coming forth. He does believe that one day, deep down in his heart, until the end of time, he will meet with this “special someone” once again.

XBlaze – Lost: Memories[]

Some time later, Tōya and Es-N, also called Nu by Mei, would investigate the appearance of a Union in the restricted ward, telling her to go to one side while he goes to the other in an attempt to get between the Union in question. Before he could get there, he comes across a girl in the area, who somehow knows his name. Tōya unconsciously calls out the girl’s name, Es, much to his confusion as he just met her. More concerned with Es being nude, he looks away while covering her with his jacket. However, when he looked again, he found that Es had passed out, much to his concern. He would carry Es back to the Himezuru residence, leaving her in Hinata’s care before heading back to the to assist Nu with the Union. He would return the next morning to find Hinata with Es, who has awakened, much to his relief. After properly introducing themselves, Es tells him and Hinata that she lost her memories much to their surprise. Es tells them she only remembers her name and Tōya’s name, which confuses him as they only met yesterday, while also noting that he somehow knew Es’ name. Tōya and Hinata, both understanding what it’s like to not remember anything and wanting to help their new friend, offers Es to stay with them until she gets her memories back, reassuring her that Yuki would be okay with her staying. Es, although hesitant at first, takes up on his and Hinata’s offer.

The next day, he would accompany Hinata and Es to the hospital to get Es checked up at Hinata’s recommendation. While walking, Es asked about who Yuki is to which Tōya and Hinata spoke positively about. Hinata explains that she admires her so much that she’s studying to become a nurse, to which Tōya is happy for, but becomes unsure about himself when Es asked if he has a goal he’s pursuing. Hinata tries asking him about his goal regarding his job with the Unions, but he cuts her off before saying anything about the Unions as he didn’t want Es, a civilian who lost her memories, to get caught up in it. On their way, they meet up with Akira, after he briefly accuses Tōya of having another “harem” due to Es being there with him and Hinata, introduces him to Es. Es briefly spaces out for some reason, to which Hinata calls her back to reality. Tōya explains Es’ memory loss to Akira, to which he understands the situation. Akira accompanies them to the hospital, still studying to become a doctor, however before they continue Es spaces out again, looking slightly pale. After being reassured that Es is okay, with Tōya, Hinata and Akira letting her know to notify them if she starts not feeling well, the four head to the hospital to get Es her check up.

After getting Es checked up, the doctor told Tōya and Hinata that Es didn’t have any links to amnesia and was confirmed to be okay, telling them that they can only wait for her memories to come back on its own. Before the doctor recommend that Es stays at the hospital, Akira and Yuki come in, with the later telling the other doctor that it won’t be necessary. After Tōya introduces Es to Yuki, she goes on to say that sense Es developed a bond with Tōya and Hinata, she would be safe with them, with Yuki watching over her as well, to which the other doctor complies. After everything has been cleared up, Es begins spacing out again remembering something, telling everyone, after Yuki asks her what it is, that she was living with Hinata and Yuki, with the latter calling her family, confusing everyone present. While Tōya was curious about what it ment, Akira suggested Es’ memories might be overwritten with the Himezuru sisters, causing Es to shout otherwise, surprising them, telling them she also had times like that with Tōya and Akira. Yuki, however, despite confused, believes her as Es mentioned that her being family is something she would say. With this, Tōya happily welcomes Es into their family.

The next day, Tōya finished having breakfast with Hinata and Es, and after speaking with each other for a while the doorbell rung. After Tōya got the door, he came back with Mei, who was apparently visiting. After Hinata introduces Mei to Es, the latter spoke out the former’s full name, surprising Tōya and arose some suspicion from Mei as Hinata only introduced Es to her by her first name. Tōya soon calmed the others down as despite Es’ amnesia, she might have heard about Mei somewhere before. After dropping the subject, Mei was going to tell Tōya that a new Union appeared, but caught herself in front of Es before saying it, instead telling him that she needs him at the “store”. Knowing he is needed, he leaves telling Hinata and Es he’ll see them later. Tōya returns home at dinner time, but he sadly tells them he needs to head back to the “store” soon, as he has yet to catch the Union in question. As Hinata suggested that she and Es take a walk after dinner, Tōya panicked and shouted against it startling the girls. Needing to hide his job from Es and to indirectly let Hinata know it’s not safe for her and Es to go out, he tells them it’s dangerous to walk out at night time, with them understanding. Tōya then leaves for the night to assist Mei with the Union.

Tōya returned the next day, to which he and Hinata are greeted by Es, who has woken up a while ago. Feeling bad about not being stay at home last night, Tōya offers to take Es out for a walk like he suggested, to which she replies yes. However, Hinata says she needed to handle some errands, leaving Tōya with Es for once. He takes her to the school that he and Hinata attend, hoping it would jog her memories. Asking where Es went to school at, he stopped himself, knowing she wouldn’t remember, however he noticed that Es looked out of it, like she was going to pass out. After frantically calling her out of her trance like state and asking if she was okay, to which she replied yes, Es told him that she remembers coming to the same school he and Hinata went to as a transfer student, surprising him. Es than told Tōya something else that confused him, that she was transferred into his and Hinata’s class, to which he questions, as he mentioned that he or Hinata wouldn’t forget a memorable person like her, as she’s a cute and unique girl. Tōya decides to show Es around the school as it’s out today. On the rooftop, Tōya mentioned that if Es was with him, Hinata, Akira, and Mei, their days at school would be more fun, to which Es warmly agrees with him. On their way home, although they didn’t make much progress beyond the one memory Es recalled, Es was thankful for him helping her. They than met up with Hinata, who quickly went to the store to get something for dinner. The three than headed home, to which Tōya and Hinata see two women in front of their house, who they recognized almost immediately.

To their surprise, it was Kuon and Els who mentioned that they came back for a visit. After introducing Es to them and explaining her amnesia, thy went inside to catch up. Once inside, Kuon mentions that someone named Zwei sent her regards to Tōya, confusing him as he doesn’t know anyone named Zwei. Els than tells him that Zwei was his co-worker at the curry shop, instantly realizing that they’re talking about Ringo. Els than tells Tōya that Ringo Akagi is actually Zwei of the Ten Sages, a legendary person in Ishana who not only mastered sorcery, but also understands its very foundation as well, surprising Tōya to the point that he is in disbelief. After the shock passed, Tōya expressed that he’s happy Ringo is okay sense he hasn’t seen her sense the curry shop closed, and although Kuon mentioned that she’ll come back to visit soon, Tōya confessed that while he is okay with it, a part of him doesn’t want to deal with her again. Kuon and Els then confesses that they are on a mission from the Magick Association and not on vacation like they said earlier, however they do mention that they are free to hang out with them tomorrow, as Hinata offered them an invite to a welcome party for Es, to officially welcome her. The two conjurers agree before taking their leave for the day. Later that night, wanting to help Es further, he visits her room to search for things on his tablet to jog her memory. After two failed attempts to find anything, Es became quiet all of a sudden, however when Tōya asked her what’s wrong, she was already very close to his face, making him jump back in embarrassment briefly asking what was wrong. Es then admitted that whenever she sees him, she feels something that can’t be described with words,to which Tōya tries to piece together, as they knew each other’s names when they first met, even speculating that they may have met as kids. However, he suddenly hears a Discover Call and apologizes to Es before leaving, calling Mei about it on his way out of the house.

Powers and abilities[]

Tōya’s powers come from the Original Grymoire, Code: Soul Eater, which is said to draw out the power of the Black Beast from the Boundary. There are two known functions of Code: Soul Eater.

  1. Soul Eater: Creates a black and red mist that turns into magic element and drains everything it touches.
  2. XBlaze: Turns the magic element inside the Grymoire into Power and stores in the user.

He can also use the Legacy Weapon – Crystalline Sealed Blade: Murakumo, which can destroy a Union’s crystal with ease. Despite only having had the blade for a short time, he was able to expertly kill Sechs with a single blow.

He also possesses the astonishing ability to detect Discover Calls at a distance of around 300 meters, when the average detection rate is around 10 meters.

He also possesses the ability to use an unknown Drive that enables him to manipulate blood. He gained this ability at the age of 6 and had used it before he died and despite being revived though cloning with the Original Grymoire being used as the catalyst, he is still shown to be able to use it. He is able to weaponize his blood and create things with it. Though the only shown weapon he has created is an exact copy of the Murakumo, it is believed that he can create other things with it as well.


  • In Lost: Memories, Tōya used his Drive to create a copy of the Crystalline Sealed Blade: Murakumo with his blood. In the game files, there is an image of a blood-red Murakumo named “bloodedge00”.



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