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Suzukaka (スズカカ) is one of the two Kaka tribe members who appear in BlazBlue: Phase Shift 3, alongside her sister Totokaka. Alongside her sister, she is the only Kaka to have ventured to Magic City of Ishana.


Suzukaka, like all Kaka, exhibits the strong traits that the race has; having the sinister, toothy smile and blood red eyes hidden underneath the hood of the specialised Kaka jacket. However, all similarities stop there. Suzukaka has long red hair in layers coming out of the back of her very unique jacket; the jacket in question is creamy white in color and is ripped just below the collarbone, only just held together onto her body by two belts. Her jacket is also unique in the fact that the paws have small spikes coming out of them.

Suzukaka’s body is covered in huge white scars, decorating her lower abdomen, her right hip and outer right thigh. She wears nothing more than a belt and what seems to be rags of her jacket to cover the lower half of her body.


The strongest Kaka of her time, Suzukaka was introduced in Phase Shift 3. She and Totokaka aided the Six Heroes and Celica Ayatsuki Mercury in escaping from the Magic City of Ishana when Konoe Ayatsuki Mercury was being hunted down by the Magic Association to be restrained by Eight and Seven. Through her and Celica’s capture, they hoped that they could blackmail Celica and use her odd abilities to aide them in controlling the Event Weapon, the Highlander: Takemikazuchi. Thanks to Suzukaka and Totokaka, this plan was foiled and they lead the Heroes to the First Kaka Village for safety.



  • In the Calamity Trigger Reconstruction it was revealed that Totokaka is the last of the first generation Kakas, confirming that somewhere along the timeline between the Phase Shift novels and BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Suzukaka passed away.


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