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The Story of the World is a story that Rachel Alucard tells Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion and Celica Ayatsuki Mercury during the events of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. It is a story that pertains to the Successor of the Blue and the Chronophantasma.

Other versions of the world story are also included below.

The Story[]

There once was an Imprisoned Girl. She was captured in a cold, dark and lonely prison. One day the girl received a book. The book had a certain story.

"A certain Girl in a country was imprisoned by a Monster. A Hero appeared and defeated the Monster. The End."

The Book’s story only had a Beginning and an End. The other pages were blank. Because the story couldn’t be established this way, the girl wrote a story in the Book, relying on her own memories.

The Beginning was already set, so it was okay to write the progress of the story. The Hero had left on a journey, going through many hardships, through a story of 100 pages, then stood in front of the Girl. The Hero then slayed the Monster.

But the Girl did not like the story. So she started rewriting the story. But the End was already decided. The Conclusion was always the same.

The Girl was actually the Monster itself.

The Girl was captured inside the Monster. The Monster that devours the world.

The Girl rewrote the progress that led to the conclusion several times. Even if the book became worn out. But even though she kept on rewriting the story, the Hero kept on slaying the Monster. The Girl was never saved.

Because the Girl was a Monster. The Monster had to be slain. The End couldn’t be changed.

The Girl who had kept on rewriting the story begged the story’s Hero to save the Girl. But the Hero did not listen to her. Because he was just a character in a story.

The Actor had acted out the role given. The Hero only killed the Monster, gaining the title as a Hero.

The Hero never saved the Girl. The Girl had fallen in despair. Because it was a story that she had wrote, but it did not listen to her wishes.

The Girl however continued to believe that the Hero will save the Girl.

―Rachel Alucard

The Manipulated Future[]

It is a pretty old story. Long before the repeating, barren history of the world… Further than when the Black Beast materialized. Humanity had come into contact with the Boundary.

The world gained will due to the hands of man. In accordance to its will, the world has determined the future where humanity should tread. There are some disparities, but with the same procedure, humanity will pursue the same process to be led to the same fate.

…Let me give you an example, young man. You, coming from some future, and arriving into this era was also one of the procedures which has been determined by the world.

This world is like a dream seen by God. God has been seeing the same dream many times over. Its story is a repeating cycle of life and death… The dream of fate.

―Clavis Alucard[1]

The "Real" Story[]

This world… This world’s supposed to be dead. Dead! But somehow, we managed to screw with it so much that it’s gotten stuck, and now it just repeats itself, again and again and again and again and again and again…"

Once upon a time, mankind found the first gate. Being stupid humans, they decided they wanted to know what was on the other side, so they created what they called Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Fields. See, humans are such pussies that they can’t survive on the other side, and their machines are just as pathetic.

Of course, they failed. Over and over and over, until finally, somehow, one of these test subjects made it aaaaaall they way to the deepest part of the Boundary… The heart of it, I guess you could say. The Blue. And when it did that… well. Let’s just say shit got real.

This thing – they call'em "prime fields" when they’re lazy – developed emotions. One of these puppets built for nothing but observation and research somehow grew a soul. 'Course, all of the scientists thought they were goddamn geniuses making some kind of incredible breakthrough. I mean, they were, but not the one they thought.

See, when it grew a soul, this prime field also developed the power of the Eye. And these scientists, they had no idea just what that meant.

I mean, think about it! The Eye could observe whatever it wanted, and whatever it observed was real! See?! Eh heh heh. See…

Anyway, before long, the scientists figured this out, and being the small, shortsighted little maggots that they were, they tried to destroy it. That didn’t work so well, so they decided to seal it back into the Boundary. They threw it all the way to the bottom, down in the darkness, where there was nothing.

But hey! You know this isn’t the end! Anybody does! I mean, once humans got a taste of that power, the kind of power only a GOD should have… Well.

The idiots decided it would be a good idea if they could really tap into the power of the Blue. Might give them a leg up on the battlefield, you know? So they built more Prime Fields.

But you see, these weren’t just recon tools anymore. Ooooooh no! These were balls-out weapons of mass destruction! The moment one of these babies popped outta the Kiln, the humans would just seal away its emotion, turning it into a slave. A puppet.

The things were treated like tools – well, no, "weapons" is better. Like, you know, a hand grenade or a bomb or something.

―Yūki Terumi[2]

Relius' interpretation[]

Every occurrence in this world is a mere fragment of the Master Unit’s memory… All events are chained to a reality which can be neither improved upon nor conquered.

In other words, evolution beyond what is written within the Master Unit’s memory is… quite simply, impossible. A pre-determined number of possibilities vie for supremacy within this finite space. The pieces on this chess board carry out what limited moves are at their disposal. How is THAT not insane?

―Relius Clover[3]


  • The Girl who writes the story in the Book is implied to be the Amaterasu Unit, as it was the main cause of all the timeloops, which would erase the progress made during each timeloop, creating a new timeline (story).
  • Interestingly, the story in the book is similar to how Ragna the Bloodedge kept on trying to destroy Nu-13 in each timeloop during the events of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, where no matter the timeloop, Ragna kept on trying to destroy Nu, which brought the "End", leading to the "Beginning" again.
  • This story is also similar to the events of the Great Dark War, where the Six Heroes had fought and killed the Black Beast, which had Nu inside it as the heart.
  • The Girl (Monster) in the book’s story shares similarities to Nu, who becomes the heart of the Black Beast after fusing with Ragna.
  • The prison explained in the story has similarities to the properties of the Boundary.
  • The way the Hero always defeats the Monster because it must be slain is similar to how Hakumen and Jin Kisaragi declare "The Black One must be destroyed no matter what", which they say to Ragna the Bloodedge.


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