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Ryōko Kagari (篝涼子 Kagari Ryōko) is a minor character in XBlaze – Code: Embryo. She is the mother of Tōya Kagari; she sacrificed her life for his in the Wadatsumi Incident.


A lead scientist for Takamagahara, Ryōko was one of the few people who was wholly against the development of the T-system and fully opposed what it stood for. During the Wadatsumi Incident, Ryōko ordered Tōya to protect a girl with blue eyes while Ryōko activated the force stop program to prevent more lives being lost in the T-system’s, however, her life was claimed by the tempering before it finally shut down.

After the incident, Sōichirō Unomaru, stained her reputation and pinned the Incident on her, claiming that she was actually in charge of Project Takamagahara; he did this as revenge for her destroying the Project and halting the development for the T-system.

Three years before the Wadatsumi Incident, Ryōko was in a relationship with an unnamed man who disappeared. He is hinted to be Kazuto Kotetsu.



  • For unknown reasons, her original name Ryōko was changed to Suzuko in English localization of Code: Embryo.


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