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Regulation Grimoire

Regulation Grimoire and its lacking pictures.

The Regulation Grimoire (調整の魔道書 Chōsei no Madōsho) is a grimoire in form of a photograph album containing pictures which correspond to certain categories. It’s unknown how many photographs it has, and only four of them were named.

This grimoire was for some time in the sea in the vicinity of the 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune, and the pictures in it became unstuck. Because of this, the imperfect grimoire damaged the Magic Formula of the environment maintenance device of Torifune, covering the entire city with snow.

When Makoto found the grimoire under the water and, at the request of Kajun, Mai analyzed it with her super taste, determining it is indeed a grimoire, but imperfect and without its original power. After finding out the photograph album grimoire lacks photographs suitable for the words on pages, the girls decided to complete it on their own, hoping it is the legendary Blue Grimoire which will help to cure Mai’s super taste.

The following pictures were in need to be added:

  • Joy ( yorokobu) — a picture of Tsubaki smiling at Jin laying down on her lap.
  • Anger ( ikari) — a picture of angry Tsubaki embarrassed of Makoto and Kajun.
  • Grief ( kanashī) — a picture of frightened Noel holding Mai tightly after seeing a bug.
  • Comfort ( raku) — a picture of bashful Mai embarrassed of Makoto and Noel, with all of them naked in the fresh water.

The completed Regulation Grimoire issued a flash of light, which allowed the magic ship to quickly find the missing disciples, and the Military Academy restored the normal weather in Torifune.



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