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Rōnin district (浪人街 Rōnin-gai) is small town in Kagutsuchi where many people from Ikaruga fled to after the war. The people of Rōnin district look up to Bang Shishigami as a leader and generally follow the rule of the Control Organization with protest, still bitter about the destruction of their federation and murder of their leader. It is home to Ikaruga ninjas, whom Bang leads.

The stage RONIN-gai takes place on a bridge overlooking the district during the day. The background is filled with turning windmills, sakura blossoms, and a large dragon statue. The characters themselves fight on a massive scroll laid upon the ground. Another stage, RONINGAI -Night-, shows the same area at night, with paper lanterns and fireworks in the background. Unlike most alternate stages, this one shares many of the same background characters as its original.


  • Rōnin” is a term given to a samurai without a master, likely referencing the people of Ikaruga’s loss of Tenjō Amanohokosaka.


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