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XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 94)

The Grimoire’s form and power.

The Original Grymoire (原初の魔導書 Gensho no Madōsho, localized as the Origin of the Grimoire[1]), also known as the Grymoire (魔導書 Madōsho), is an incredibly powerful, and valuable, Out of Place Artifact that is in the possession of Tōya Kagari. Originally, the Grymoire belonged to the Magick Association, but they handed it to Takamagahara so they could successfully temper the Embryo; somehow, Tōya ended up with the artifact in his possession. It’s revealed that Tōya is actually an artificial clone born from the Grymoire itself by Hinata in attempt to revive the original.

In the Magic City of Ishana, there is an ancient legend, saying that the Grymoire possesses the power of the God of Calamity, and that the one with permission, will be shown the reason of the world, the Blue. The Grymoire has the power to connect to the Boundary and draw out the power of the Black Beast residing within it, much like the Blue Grimoire.

It has two abilities, the first of which is the Awakening Release (XBlaze), which uses positive feedback to store the magic element into power to be used at a later date. The second known ability is the Restriction Release (Soul Eater) which creates a black mist that drains all it touches.

Physically, the Grymoire is a crystal made out of super compressed magic element, and is actually a part of the Black Beast; however, Tōya was long unaware of it being a part of him.

Me” has a copy of this Grymoire, however, it has no connection to the Black Beast, and just works as a limiter for her ability to attract the magic element.


  1. XBlaze – Code: Embryo, tips. In English localization, during the game course, it is also called: Original Grimoire.


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