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“Nobody” (ノーバディ Nōbadi) is the sole resident of the Phantom Field and the main deuteragonist of XBlaze – Lost: Memories. She is Es’ body and soul that fell into despair after Tōya Kagari and her friends were killed by Freaks. She is also a personification of the Embryo, taking on its own will.


“Nobody” is a pale young girl with eyes that are always closed and wispy white hair with black tips; she has a small ahoge pointing out of her hair. She wears a long black cloth over her nearly naked body and two black sleeves across her arms that extend from her hands to her upper arm; the sleeves have golden bangles holding them in place. In what little clothing she wears, “Nobody” has small black and white panties. Below this, she has long silver socks that reach up to her inner thigh; on the shins, there are two small, black diamonds embroidered onto the socks. “Nobody” wears small brown shoes with a golden rimming.


A mysterious girl who lives in the Phantom Field, she has no idea how long she has been inside of the Field, nor that she is actually within it. She claims to be fond of riddles.

When she met “Me”, she offered her the chance to find her little sister who had somehow gone missing into the bottom of the Phantom Field.

She is eventually revealed to be the Embryo Storage, Es, after scattering her memories throughout the Phantom Field, essentially becoming the Embryo itself. Eventually “Nobody” returned to being Es in her true body with the help of Me and helped Tōya defeat Ripper.


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