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Basic Movements[]

Ground Movements[]

Walking Forward/Dashing[]

Simply hold 6 to walk forward. Press 66 in quick succession to run forward and quickly close the distance between you and the opponent. Letting go of 6 alone will cause your character to slide to a halt. Some characters like Carl, Hakumen and Hazama aren’t able to run and can only hop and Tager is the only character that cannot forward dash at all. The run can also be canceled into a Barrier Guard by pressing 4 and A + B.

Walking Backward/Backstep[]

Holding 4 lets walk backward and guard simultaneously. Pressing 44 in quick succession allows you to backstep and put distance between you and the opponent. The backstep has some invincibility at the start and if timed correctly, allows you to avoid an enemy’s attack.


Holding 1, 2, or 3 puts you in a crouching stance. It is recommended that you hold 1, so that you will guard as you crouch.

Air Movements[]

Forward Jump[]

Pressing 9 allows you to close the distance between you and the opponent.

Vertical Jump[]

Pressing 8 is typically used to avoid an opponent’s attacks.

Backward Jump[]

Pressing 7 is used to put distance between you and your opponent.

Double Jump[]

Pressing 7, 8, or 9 after the initial jump allows you to jump even higher than you would be able to with a normal Jump. Typically used to time your midair attack and confuse the opponent. You cannot perform a Double Jump if you have already performed an Aerial Dash. Tager is the only character that cannot perform a Double Jump, while Taokaka can perform an additional Triple Jump.

High/Super Jump[]

By pressing downwards, then upwards, you are able to jump higher than you would with a normal jump. Can be used in conjunction with a Double Jump.

Aerial Dash/Backdash[]

While midair, quickly tap 44 or 66 to close in or gain distance to/from your opponent.

Instant Air Dash[]

Pressing upforward and then forward allows you to perform the fastest possible Aerial Dash and vice versa. Bang is capable of up to two additional Aerial Dashes.


If performing a forward jump during a Dash, you can move a greater distance forward by using the momentum gained from the Dash.