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The Mitsurugi Agency (御剣機関 Mitsurugi Kikan) is an organization that is responsible for sheltering and studying Unions.


The Mitsurugi Agency is a massive organization that is wholly responsible for not only sheltering Unions, but also for the study of them. In addition to the study and shelter, the Agency has a formidable military strength, allowing them to subdue even the strongest of Unions, with the sole exception of Ripper, a Phase 0 Union who managed to avoid the organization for 10 years until he met his demise at the hands of Kazuto Kotetsu, a man with an unknown connection to the Agency. By definition, the Agency is technically a private military company (PMC); as well as their own military force, aptly called Sleipnir, the Agency also hires bounty hunters to help capture, or kill, rampaging Unions.

Despite being a PMC, they have strong ties to multiple government agencies and even possess considerable power in the influence of public safety and welfare.

Many years after the Wadatsumi Mass Vanish Incident and the dissolution of the Takamagahara, one of Takamagahara’s scientists, Sōichirō Unomaru, became the Mitsurugi Agency’s leading director of their New Yokohama’s seventh laboratory branch. As well as this, the Agency fully backed him in his desire to continue with the creation of the T-system. As well as Sōichirō, the Agency also recruited Mei Amanohokosaka as a guide through the Wadatsumi area; however, this was in exchange that they kept the body of her father alive despite his lack of soul.

Mei is currently the commander of the Sleipnir unit in the Mitsurugi Agency, with Tōya and Es-N as members under her leadership. Also upon Es’ return and Freaks’ death, Es rejoined Sleipnir and the Mitsurugi Agency.

In the Bloodedge Experience series, Kiiro Hikagami, a member of the Agency, is hunting for Clavis Alucard and hired Valkenhayn R. Hellsing and Relius Clover to help accomplish her goals.

Known members[]

XBlaze world
  • Es — member of Sleipnir,
  • Tōya Kagari — member of Sleipnir,
  • Mei Amanohokosaka — commander of Sleipnir and Amanohokosaka Shrine Maiden,
  • Es-N — 9th unit is a member of Sleipnir,
  • Sōichirō Unomaru — former director of the New Yokohama’s seventh laboratory branch.
Bloodedge Experience world
BlazBlue world