Mind Eater (強制拘束(マインドイーター) Maindo Ītā, Forced Restraint) is a magic spell is used to control people. The person on whom the spell has been cast cannot break it by themselves, so another person would have to break the spell for them.

The spell is first seen during the Great Dark War, when Nine uses it against Yūki Terumi once he has fused with Kazuma Kval; the spell effectively turned Terumi into nothing more than a sleeping slave, but because the spell can only affect one mind, Kazuma took over his body and became the Terumi that was known that time. Kazuma then came to Trinity Glassfille and threatened to kill Nine if the spell wasn’t lifted; she obeyed and lifted Mind Eater. Trinity was swiftly disposed of by Terumi, now in control once more.

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