The Military Academy (士官学校 Shikan Gakkō) in an educational institution where people of all ages learn to become soldiers and officers of the World Void Information Control Organization.

Even though it is popularly known as the Military Academy, its full name is the 15th Hierarchical Municipal Military Academy Belonging to the World Void Information Control Organization (第十五階層都市立 世界虚空情報統制機構 付属士官学校 Dai-Jūgo Kaisō Toshiritsu Sekai Kokū Jōhō Tōsei Kikō Fuzoku Shikan Gakkō).

The academy is fairly exclusive, with difficult entrance exams; there are preparatory schools dedicated to helping students prepare for them. Most students are from important families like the Twelve Originators, some are invited via special recommendation, and rarely, some are scouted for being talented. Entrance exams entail tests on physical and mental prowess, as well as Magic Formula aptitude. Students who are accepted leave home and live in the academy’s dormitories.

The student council (生徒会 seito-kai) and students handle most of the management and defense of Torifune. The council is restricted to the more talented students – Jin Kisaragi was the student council president during his tenure, with his friends and roommates Taro Sasagae and Akane Teruhiko also a part of it. Tsubaki Yayoi joined the council during her first year, and became its president after Jin. The first of the student council presidents was Elina.

Noel Vermillion and Makoto Nanaya both joined the Academy for the benefits it provided to their families. Tsubaki Yayoi and Jin Kisaragi was expected to enter, coming from one of the Twelve Originators. The father of Mai Hazuki sent her to the academy after her transformation, while Kajun Faycott attended in order to fulfill her assignment from Kokonoe. Shiori Kirihito and Chachakaka enlisted the academy in order to assassinate Jin and Mai.

Faculty and students



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