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  • So what are you doing now that Cf is realesed I mean in an interview Mori said that a sequel was possible just see what Es,Naoto,Hazama,and Relius have to say and also Ragna's sword disappeared at the end with Rachel detemined to find him again despite not remembering him alongside some version of Tsubaki as justice/female hakumen and Carl is becoming more like Relius. Also some interview by Mori said that Jin can no longer fight anymore due to his deal with Trinity.He also said that Jin,Tsubaki,and the rest of their group will not have an aftermath story,but in future games will focus on a new cast with few returning characters from Zedar's tumblr.With Alpha-1 possibly being the new protaginst.  

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    • That I can't be too sure since even though it's unknown what's going to happen now but we just gotta wait to see what happens.

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    • Well you don't mind a new cast and setting with possibly only a few returning characters? I mean noel could be NPC with the previous cast in a time skip.

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    • Well I hope for Noel to come back as playable one day in a new game but seeing her as a nun with Lambda, I'm really not sure how that would work out but I'm pretty sure Mori will figure something out.

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