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    Thanks for your edit to the BlazBlue: Centralfiction page! By doing this, you did join our community.

    If you still did not do it, read our Policy and Frequently Asked Questions. For your convenience, I put the most important rules below:

    1. On the Wiki, you can only use one account.
    2. In articles, we use American English.
    3. Material Collection Information section is only for information from the Material Collection.
    4. Speculations and "what ifs/maybe" types of information are not welcome here - only information from game and other official sources are allowed.
    5. Trivia section is only for real trivia - comparing characters, inputs, techniques, races and series is not allowed, it is a junk trivia.
    6. Files have specific standards - read Image Policy here - if file name etc. is incorrect, file will be deleted.
    7. There is no place for fan-made stuff - for this, you have BlazBlue Fanon Wiki.

    If you have some questions, leave a message on my Message Wall or another active administrator's Wall.

    Greetings from the administration of the BlazBlue Wiki!

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