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The Magick City of Ishana (魔導都市イシャナ Madō Toshi Ishana, localized as Ishana: City of Mages[1]) is an isolated island, a place of birth of many sorcery users. Here is placed the Magick Association.

Beside the fact Ishana is a place to live for conjurers, little is known about this city – its location, population, and size are kept in secret. Conjurers are not allowed to leave Ishana, and in order to obtain the permission, a huge amount of paperwork is necessary. However, someone who leaves the city has a limit put on their powers and/or are watched over.

Ishana has a school of sorcery (魔術学校 majutsu gakkō) where conjurers study, and live in dormitories. According to Kuon Glamred Stroheim, classes in this school include duels with classmates.

The strongest conjurers are called the Ten Sages, and they are protectors of Ishana.

It is known that the city is covered by a barrier that doesn’t allow to connect to the Association’s database from the outside, but whether this function is primary is unknown.


  • In the English localization of XBlaze – Lost: Memories, the Magick City of Ishana is called “Magister’s City of Ishana”. “Magister”, when translated idiomatically from Latin, means “Master” – a honorific title often used to address individuals of high social status, such as teachers.

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