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The Magick Association (魔導協会 Madō Kyōkai, localized as Magic Guild) is an organization dedicated to magic arts in XBlaze and Bloodedge Experience worlds.


The Magick Association is an incredibly secretive group, very little is actually known about them. They especially despise any kind of information leaks and member defections.

Their headquarters are situated on the island of the magical capital, Magick City of Ishana, where all conjurers live. They cannot leave the island without a permission. Getting permission to leave Ishana requires a mountain of paperwork as well as the personal approval of the heads of the Association.

Like the Mitsurugi Agency, they are engaged in the research of the Unions. The Magick Association is deeply suspicious and jealous of any magical entities not under their control, and will go to great lengths to discredit them and render them powerless. They have hired a bounty hunter to track down and eliminate the Sages who betrayed the Association as well as stole their most powerful Legacy Weapon.

Conjurers cannot spread knowledge about sorcery outside Ishana. It is said this way they want to prevent the war.

The strongest conjurers from the Association get awarded with the title of the Sage and serve as Ishana’s defenders.

Known members[]

  • Zwei — Marceline F. Mercury, known as Ringo Akagi outside Ishana, one of the Ten Sages,
  • Drei — one of the Ten Sages, deceased,
  • Sechs — one of the Ten Sages, deceased,
  • Acht — one of the Ten Sages, deceased,
  • Kuon Glamred Stroheim — one of the Ten Sages, position unknown,
  • Els von Klagen — envoy.

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