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The Magic City of Ishana (魔道都市イシャナ Madō Toshi Ishana, localized as Magister’s City: Ishana[1]) is an island in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a neutral, independent, self-sufficient, self-governing city, designed as the 0th Magic City of Ishana (第零魔道都市イシャナ Dai-Zero Madō Toshi Ishana, localized as Magister’s City Number Zero “Ishana”).[2]

Ishana was concealed in a magic barrier that prevented detecting the island, alchemically maintained a comfortable temperature in the city, and made unable for magic element to get inside.

The Magic Association was located here. At the center of the island was located an academy that taught magic, alchemy and basic education. Its biggest purpose was passing down magic knowledge and skills to the next generation. Dormitories were also located in it. The most important building on its grounds was the sanctuary, usually only accessed by members of the Magic Association.

Besides the academy, there also existed other facilities that provided basic needs, such as residences, companies, vigilance system and judicial system.

During the Great Dark War, Ishana was called the “safest place on Earth”. Here the Six Heroes were preparing for the battle with the Black Beast, and people from the privileged class from different countries fled here. It was also the place where the Magic Formulas and the Arch-Enemy Event Weapons were created.

After the war, Ishana was forgotten, and on its basis the Hierarchical Cities were built.



  • In the English localization, the Magic City of Ishana is called “Magister’s City: Ishana”. “Magister”, when translated idiomatically from Latin, means “Master” – a honorific title often used to address individuals of high social status, such as teachers.
  • In BlazBlue: Chronophantasma and BlazBlue: Centralfiction, there are certain events online that allow players to access the online lobby Magic City of Ishana. Those who enter the lobby will be gifted with up to 5 separate accessories, however, the lobby is usually only up for a limited amount of time and will disappear until the next event occurs.
  • In Ishana stage a sign can be seen – it shows directions to the academy, a hospital, and an airport.
    • The academy sign calls the Magic Association Academy “Ishana School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” – it is a reference to Harry Potter series and its Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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