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The Magic Association Sanctuary (魔道協会聖堂 Madō Kyōkai Seidō, localized as Mage’s Guild Cathedral) is a white building located at the center of the Magic City of Ishana, where only the Ten Sages have permission to enter.

This is the most sacred place to the Magic Association, and even their people use it only for very important meetings or ceremonies like canonization. The academy students are also not allowed inside it, unless they are undergoing special class work.

The lowermost level holds knowledge collected since the establishment of the Magic Association, but even the Ten Sages don’t know all of its confidential information.

The engravings on the ceiling, surrounding the coffin-like drawing, contains a prophecy regarding the birth of the goddess of creation and destruction, during the event of a city being scorched by a light from the heavens.[1]

This place contains the Old Gate (オールドゲート Ōrudo Gēto), a man-made, artificial Kiln created over a thousand years ago, hidden deep inside.[1]



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