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The Magic Association Academy (魔道協会学園 Madō Kyōkai Gakuen, localized as Mage’s Guild Academy) was the school at the center of the Magic City of Ishana. It was operated and controlled by the Magic Association.


Here studied Konoe Ayatsuki Mercury, who became one of the Ten Sages when she was still a student. Her classmates were Trinity Glassfille, and Kazuma Kval. Her little sister, Celica, studied in younger grade.

Students of this academy receive primary education, as well as education in fields like alchemy, magic, and history of magic. Learners are obligated to wear a uniform which consists of a white top and black bottom, as well as a short cloak. Also, they must live in school dormitories, except when the student’s family also lives in Ishana.

Academy organization[]

The academy consists of the main building, a separate building with an assembly hall, a dining room, and a library. All these buildings are in the neighborhood, and the schoolyard is divided with places of the Magic Association, such as the sanctuary. Academy students aren’t allowed near it unless they are undergoing special class work. The school has also a first-aid post located in the main building.


The Magic Association Academy Cafeteria (魔道協会学園食堂 Madō Kyōkai Gakuen Shokudō) is a place where students eat. While it can’t accommodate every academy student, this very large and open building can fit the majority of them. The cafeteria has plenty of menus, and a television to display the news, so it’s bustling with a large crowd of students at lunch time every day.


The Magic Association Academy Library (魔道協会学園図書館 Madō Kyōkai Gakuen Toshokan) is a place boasting an enormous collection of books that can’t be beaten by any other library. It’s the size of a small school by itself, and it’s open to the students, staff of the Magic Association, and the residents of Ishana.