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Lost Town (ロストタウン Rosuto Taun), also known as the Kaka tribe village (カカ族の村 Kaka zoku no mura), is a small town situated under Kagutsuchi that is currently occupied by the Kaka tribe. This is supposedly where the 13th Hierarchical City was built upon.

After the Great Dark War had left a great amount of magic element on the earth’s surface, and seeing as how the Kaka could survive high amounts of magic element, the people had decided to build their city on top of the town. While most of Lost Town’s skyline is covered by the city of Kagutsuchi, there are several sunny patches that open from the sky above. One of Taokaka’s initial goals in the first game was to “get back the sky that was above her village”.

Since the location of Lost Town is near Area 28, it is possible that a high amount of magic element coming from that location is preventing the Kaka tribe from reproducing beyond one hundred members. But at this time, this is speculation at best, since normal humans cannot survive large amounts of magic element.

The stage itself depicts the town square of Lost Town, where a huge bowl of various foods is being boiled. Various Kaka can be seen in the background, including a little Kaka chasing a chicken. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift added the version Postprandial Happy -Lost Town-, which shows the same area after the meal has been eaten. Some of the Kaka are now cleaning the giant bowl, and the Kaka Elder can be seen in a doorway.



  • “Postprandial” means “after eating a meal.”
  • The large, mechanical cat head in the background is featured prominently in Taokaka’s stage in BlazBlue: Battle × Battle.


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