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English localization Japanese quotes English translations
Activate! 発動! Hatsudō! Activate!
Return! 戻ってらしやい! Modotte rashai! Return!
Deploy! 静置! Seichi! Stand!
Here! こい! Koi! Come!
Lao Jiu!


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Standing throw
Are you ready?
Get ready!
Air throw
Throw whiff
Oh my!
Throw reject
You're open!
Not quite!
I won't fall for that!
Throw rejected
Hold on!

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Standing Throw
Get ready!
Don't be shy!
Air Throw
Going down!
Throw Whiff
Throw Rejected
But how?
Throw Reject
So forceful!
I don't think so!
Maybe next time!


English localization Japanese quotes English translations
The Great Wheel
Lao Jiu, lend me your strength!
Power of the Boundary!


English localization Japanese quotes English translations
Straight Through
Pure straight. 佚ね? Itsu ne? Relax, okay?
This way. おいで。 Oide. Come.
Additional Attack
Shao! Big wheel! ジ!車輪! Ji! Sharin! Ji! Wheel!
Kong! Haitei! コン!ハイテイ! Kon! Haitei! Kong! Haitei!
Kong! Ling Shang! カン!リンシャン! Kan! Rin Shan! Kang! Ling Shang!
Here I come. Sei! いくわわよ!せい! Ikuwayo! Sei! Let’s go! Sei!
Oh? Good! あら?はん! Ara? Han! Oh? Han!
Over there? Tya! どっちかしら?てりや! Docchi kashira? Terya! Where, I wonder? Terya!
Swallow Returning
Tsubame Gaeshi! 燕返し! Tsubame Gaeshi! Swallow Returning!
Four Winds!
Three Dragons: White
Haku! 白! Haku! White!
Three Dragons: Green
Hatsu! 發! Hatsu! Green!
Three Dragons: Red
Chu! 中! Chū! Red!
East, South, West, North
Get ready. 覚悟しなさい! Kakugo shinasai! Please be prepared!
Four Gods wrath! 四神で千般! Shi shin de senpan! Four Gods!
Small Hand Reversion
You asked for it! いくわよ! Ikuwayo! Let’s go!
I’ll teach you a few tricks. お姉さんが教えてあげるわ! Onee-san ga oshiete ageru wa! Big sister will teach you!
Please, Lao Jiu! お願い、ラオジウ! Onegai, Rao Jiu! Please, Lao Jiu!
You need treatment. 診断ま必要ね。 Shindan ma hitsuyo ne. You need a diagnosis.
Genbu! 玄武!Genbu! Black Tortoise!
Byakko! 百虎!Byakko! White Tiger!
Suzaku! 朱雀!Suzaku! Vermillion Bird!
Seiryū! 青竜!Seiryū! Blue Dragon!

Distortion Drives[]

English localization Japanese quotes English translations
Thirteen Orphans
Thirteen Orphans! 国士無双! Koku Shimusō! Thirteen Orphans!
All Green
All Green! 緑一色! Ryuisō! All Green
The Great Wheel
Great Wheel! 大車輪! Daisharin! The Great Wheel!
All Terminals
All Terminals!
I won't let you get away!
Four Concealed
Too easy!
Don't hold back!

Astral Heat[]

English localization Japanese quotes English translations
Pure Nine Gates
Let’s go, Lao Jiu! And… Nine Gates! Take this! いくわよ、ラオジウ!せーの!…九蓮宝燈!食らえなさい! Ikuwayo, Rao Jiu! Se no…! Chū Ren Pōtō! Kurae nasai! Let’s go, Lao Jiu! One two… Pure Nine Gates! Please take this!
Shadow palms! Gotcha… Nine Gates! Ha! 無え拳!捕まえた!…九蓮宝燈!はあ! Mueken! Tsukamaeta…! Chū Ren Pōtō! Ha! Void fist! Gotcha! Pure Nine Gates! Ha!



English localization Japanese quotes English translations
So you want to be punished.


English localization Japanese quotes English translations
Emergency Roll
You were almost there!
Why?! (Vs. Arakune)
Listen! (Vs. Arakune)
You say something? (Vs. Bang)
"Defender of Justice?" (Vs. Bang)
Ow, be more gentle!


English localization Japanese quotes English translations Note
Ah…hm? Alright then… Are you going to entertain me? ハァ…うん?よいしょっと…お相手、願うかしら? Ha… Uhn? Yoishotto… Oaite, negau kashira? Ha… Uhn? Oopsie… You want an opponent, don’t you? Regular match
Oh, are you here as a patient? I’ll take that, as a no. アラ、患者さんかしら?どうやら、違う見たいね。 Ara, kanja-san kashira? Dōyara, chigau mitai ne. Oh, a patient? At any rate, I was wrong huh. Regular match
Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up. Regular match
I… don’t suppose you’re… here for a checkup? Eh heh… 診察の時間では…ないよね、エッヘェ。 Shinsatsu no jikan dewa…nai wa yo ne, eh he. It’s not…time for medical examination, eh heh. Regular match
You don’t look… like a patient. 患者さんでは…ないよね。 Kanja-san dewa…nai yo ne. You’re not… a patient. Regular match
The net of heaven is large and wide, but it lets nothing through. 天網は恢恢として、疎にして後なさず Tenmō wa kaika toshite, sō nishite ushi na wazu. Although the heaven’s net has large meshes, nothing gets through it. Regular match
So… you’re Ragna. 貴方は…ラグナ。 Anata wa…Raguna. You are… Ragna. VS Ragna
You’re no ordinary girl. 可愛いだけではないよね? Kawaī dake dewa nai yo ne? You don’t just look cute, huh? VS Rachel
Um, why are you so angry? VS Noel, CS
Yes, I’m coming! はい、宜しくね! Hai, yoroshiku ne! Yes, please take care of me! VS Taokaka
Sorry… I’m so sorry…! ごめんえ、…ごめんえ…! Gomen ne… Gomen ne…! I’m sorry… I’m sorry…! VS Arakune, CT
I’ll stop you! VS Arakune, CS
Huh? What? A… lookalike? VS Litchi, CT/CS
I’m sorry… but there is nothing else to say. VS Tager
Can I… help you… with something…? VS Bang
Are you… talking to me? VS Hazama
Don't keep me waiting! Regular match
What's the matter? Regular match
You're a good friend, Bang. VS Bang
Umm... Lieutenant right? VS Noel
Tao...! VS Taokaka
Wake up…! VS Arakune
Tager...! VS Tager
Kyaaaah! Regular match
Aww, I messed up! Regular match
Aww come on! Time up
This is really frustrating! Time up
Victory (Round)
You can’t go before me! Regular match
You're not bad. Regular match
Now, stand up. Regular match
Want more? Regular match
You lost yourself for this? VS Arakune
Leave me be! VS Tager
Professor! VS Tager
Tao, you need to train harder! VS Taokaka
My breasts aren't steamed buns! VS Taokaka
Your followers are calling. VS Bang
Y-You think you can go on? VS Bang
Um...You're making it hard to fight. VS Noel
Don't give up hope! VS Noel
Victory (Match)
Finishing touch! Regular match
Hm? Hehe… oh my. Regular match
I suggest you brush up your skills! Regular match
Did you need an examination? Regular match
From the ashes! Regular match
Oh, I know some good exercises! VS Noel, CS
Ahhh, i'm tired! VS Taokaka
Frightening child... VS Rachel
Forgive me... VS Tager
Sorry for being selfish. VS Ragna
I'm sorry, i didn't mean to! VS Bang
Let’s go see the professor. VS Arakune

English localization Japanese quotes English translations Note
Ah… Hm? Are you going to entertain me? Regular match
Could you be a patient? I’ll take that as a no. Regular match
Do not fear moving forward, only fear standing still. Regular match
If you do not move, how do you progress? Regular match
I’m sorry but I need to take your Azure Grimoire. VS Ragna
Are you my enemy or friend? VS Rachel
This is the path I’ve chosen. VS Noel and Carl
Tao? What’s the matter? VS Taokaka
Huh? Why are you here? VS Arakune
If I win, you have to take me to the professor. VS Tager
…M-Mr. Bang? U-um, hi? VS Bang
I have no intention of obeying you. VS Hazama
Hm? Did you say something? VS Platinum (Luna)
You don’t look like a patient. VS Platinum (Sena)
Um ah… Can I help you with something? VS Kagura
Huh? Professor? But why? VS Kokonoe
Now now, don’t keep me waiting. Regular match
Be gentle, okay? Regular match
Let’s go, Lieutenant. VS Noel
Oh Tao… VS Taokaka
Why are you here? VS Arakune
Do we have to fight? VS Tager
Mr. Bang… VS Bang
Victory (Round)
Now stand up. Regular match
Oh, so soon? Regular match
Want another go? Regular match
My breasts aren’t meatbuns! VS Taokaka
I need to bring you back. VS Arakune
I can’t go back. VS Tager
Professor… Tager… I’m so sorry. VS Tager
I’m so sorry! I think I went too far. VS Bang
Victory (Match)
Lao Jiu? Hahaha Victory! Just kidding. Regular match
Hm? Oh my… Regular match
Better luck next time. Regular match
Just for good measures. Regular match
Do you you need an examination? Regular match
Go me! Regular match
There’s no other way. VS Ragna
You cannot stop me. VS Rachel
I have no regrets. VS Noel
Keeping up is so much work VS Taokaka
Roy, I promise I’ll save you. VS Arakune
Tager, are you?… N-no, never mind. Tager
I… Uh, I’m sorry! VS Bang
*giggles* What a pushover. VS Hazama
It’s okay, don’t lose hope. VS Platinum
Goodness! Where were you looking? VS Kagura
Now you’ll finally listen to what I have to say! VS Kokonoe


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