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Raise your own army to fight several enemy forces and conquer the entire map.

Legion Mode (レジオンモード Rejion Mōdo) is one of the modes in the BlazBlue games. The mode involves players taking control of a character along a grid map, with “sections” laid out. Players visit these sections to fight an army of AI. The goal is to take over every section of the map in order to conquer the entire map. The mode’s map gets larger with stronger enemies as difficulty is raised.

Unlike traditional modes, Legion Mode allows players to recruit characters they have defeated in a section to add to their own army; this includes Unlimited characters. Health is also not fully restored after fights, and instead only a portion is recovered after a fight is won. Each map has special sections, ranging from health boosts to housing Unlimited characters or having the strongest opposing army of the map.

Beginning a fight, the player is allowed to pick a number of characters in their army to bring with them to the fight. If a player character or AI character is defeated, their next character from their army is sent out. A fight is won when the opposing army is wiped out, allowing for one of their characters to be recruited. Victory is achieved when all opposing armies are defeated.


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