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Drive moves[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Shawl of Everlasting Darkness
ショール! Shōru! Shawl! Regular match
Lapis Lazuli of Sadness
ラピスラズリ! Rapisu Razuri! Lapis Lazuli! Regular match
Sapphire of Sorrow
サファイア! Safaia! Sapphire! Regular match
Tanzanite of Grief
タンザナイト! Tanzanaito! Tanzanite! Regular match
Emerald of Pain
エメラルド! Emerarudo! Emerald! Regular match
Peridot of Poverty
ペリドット! Peridotto! Peridot! Regular match
Malachite of Malice
マラカイト! Marakaito! Malachite! Regular match
Coral of Anger
コーラル! Kōraru! Coral! Regular match
Garnet of Indignation
ガーネット! Gānetto! Garnet! Regular match
Rubellite of Rage
ルベライト! Ruberaito! Rubellite! Regular match
Heliodor of Submission
ヘリオドール! Heriodōru! Heliodor! Regular match
Amethyst of Shallowness
アメジスト! Amejisuto! Amethyst! Regular match
Citrine of Reversal
シトリン! Shitorin! Citrine! Regular match
Celestite of Covenant
セレスダイト! Seresutaito! Celestite! Regular match
Taaffeite of Fascination
ターフェアイト! Tāfeaito! Taaffeite! Regular match
Andradite of Accord
アンドラダイト! Andoradaito! Andradite! Regular match
Uvarovite of Destruction
ウヴァロヴァイト! Uvarovaito! Uvarovite! Regular match
Kunzite of Crushing Prison
クンツァイト! Kuntsaito! Kunzite! Regular match
Morganite of Pulsation
モルガナイト! Moruganaito! Morganite! Regular match
Nephrite of Demise
ネフライト! Nefuraito! Nephrite! Regular match


Japanese quotes English translations Note
Burning Red
見せてあげる! Miseteageru! I’ll show you! Regular match

Exceed Accel[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Vanity of Ridiculously True Scarlet -Scarlet Vain-
スカーレット…ヴェイン! Sukāretto… Vein! Scarlet… Vain! Regular match
潰せ…ヒノカグツチ! Tsubuse… Hi no Kagutsuchi! Smash… Hi no Kagutsuchi!

Special moves[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Assault of the Extremity Deep Crimson -Crimson Raider-
クリムゾンレイダー! Kurimuzon Reidā! Crimson Raider! Regular match
Roar of the Convicting Violet -Mauvette Roar-
モーベットロア! Mōbetto Roa! Mauvette Roar! Regular match
Strong Pressure of the Violating Pale Blue -Navy Pressure-
ネイビープレッシャー! Neibī Puresshā! Navy Pressure! Regular match

Distortion Drives[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Ending Annihilation of the Savage Miraculous Flame -Flame Banisher-
フレイムバ…ニッシャー!薙ぎ払え! Fureimu… Banisshā! Nagiharae! Flame… Banisher! Lay down! Regular match, active Overdrive
Nova Samsara of the Chosen Vermillion -Cardinal Nova-
カーディナル…ノヴァ! Kādinaru… Nova! Cardinal… Nova! Regular match
Catastrophe Burying Prison of the Burning Azurite -Azurite Inferno-
アズライト…インフェルノ!終焉よ! Azuraito… Inferuno! Shūen yo! Azurite… Inferno! It’s the end! Regular match, active Overdrive


Japanese quotes English translations Note
あぁ、セリカ!会いたかったわ Ā, Serika! Aitakatta wa Ah, Celica! I missed you so much! VS Celica

Win quotes[]

English quotes Japanese quotes English translations Note
If you didn’t exist… nothing would have begun. But because you did, now I have to destroy everything! VS Ragna
You’re going to upkeep the order in this “world”? Haha! What point is there protecting this illusion!? VS Jin
How long are you going to show us this boring dream? It’s time you woke up… and put an end to EVERYTHING. VS Noel
The Alucard princess sure has fallen. I’m sure you’ll have a beautiful view of the end of the world… from down there. VS Rachel
This is all you can do? After inheriting HIS genes? …Why don’t you run along home, kitty. And stay out of our business. VS Taokaka
Looks like my girl never learned to keep her pawns on a leash. Maybe I should send you back. In pieces. VS Tager
How sad… emotions born in this world are all illusions, you know? VS Litchi
Just so you know… there is no such thing as the “truth” in this world. Just illusions… I suggest you stop pursuing whatever it is you’re after. VS Arakune
Now, your kind likes to be on their knees, right? Show me how you look… VS Bang
Nirvana is wasted on you… why don’t you give her back? She’s useless in your hands. VS Carl
You can’t do anything… Your existence is worthless. Just how I was in the past… VS Hakumen
You are just a tool. Meant to be used by others… Know your place. VS Nu
You still don’t understand it? This world doesn’t have order or justice or anything! Just arrogance. VS Tsubaki
That face of yours… it never fails to get on my nerves. I’ll smash you to pieces, you’ll be FUBARed for good. VS Hazama
You’re supposed to be the Godslayer, right? Then prove it to me! Destroy this whole world for me. Right now! VS Mu
Oh? You were still alive? For some reason, cross-breeds are always the toughest. Your survivability is… almost cockroach-like. VS Makoto
The Silver Wolf… your strength is compelling, but your role is over. Give up on everything… VS Valkenhayn
As usual… you are way too kind to others. Why risk yourself saving some child… dummy. VS Platinum
Naturally, you are quite strong, Relius Clover… It gives me that much more pleasure, stomping on you. VS Relius
Your weapon may have awakened, but the wielder leaves a lot to be desired… it’s too much for you. Time to say good-bye. VS Izayoi
If you’re an Observer, then act like one… and just sit in the audience. Watch me close the curtains on this world. VS Amane
To die in battle… isn’t that everything you always wanted? You should thank yourself for being so weak. VS Bullet
Aww, done already? You know, you can fight me with everything you’ve got. I won’t break so easily… like the others! VS Azrael
Falling asleep before a woman? Now that’s quite a disappointment, for a player like you. VS Kagura
I don’t disagree with your choices… I simply cannot forgive you for what you’ve done, Kokonoe. VS Kokonoe
Hehehe… Oh, I’m not done yet. Far from it! I’m going to smash you until your very existence perishes from our world! VS Terumi
Celica. I promise, I will save you… no matter what I must do to accomplish that, I will. VS Celica
A doll with consciousness…? What a worthless toy you’ve made. Also, considering how quickly I broke it. VS Lambda
Hmph… you truly are empty. What a boring man -- hardly worth my time. VS Hibiki
How unfortunate for you… you’ve wandered into the wrong world. And now, you’re going to meet your end here. Maybe you can curse the gods in the afterlife. VS Naoto
So? What are you going to show me next? Don’t tell me you’re already done… You’ve got some nerve, copying me. VS Nine
There’s no need for you in this world I’m going to build… I’ll erase you along with this fabrication! VS Izanami
…You’re relieved of duty. I will destroy everything that you are… The gates to the Azure are now closed. VS Es
Dismal… This is the best you can do, even with your prized vessel? Mark my words, I will seal you away, Susano’o… Permanently. VS Susanoo
The “Remix Heart,” I knew about it in theory, but… I didn’t expect to see it in working form. VS Mai
This entire world is an illusion. Even the love we exchanged is all but a dream. VS Jubei


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