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Kiri (キリ) is a character in XBlaze – Lost: Memories. He is a young man who has lost all memories of the past except his name, and the current owner of Brain Cat. He has come to New Yokozaki City from far away to fight the leader of the so-called “bad guys”.


Kiri is a pale and slender young man with bright green eyes. His long black hair covers his right eye, as well as twin ahoge and a single long strand of gray hair that extends past his chin. Strangely, Kiri has two huge scars in the shape of crosses on his hands that extend to his forearms, although these are slightly covered by the large metal cuffs and chains he wears on his wrists.

Kiri wears a black choker with a green pendant. His outfit is a large, baggy black onesie with numerous blue strips scattered across it, all of which are arranged horizontally. The suit has a zipper from its hood to its crotch, and metal rectangles adorning the hips in a belt-like manner. The suit has an entirely purple interior and brown strips decorating the large hood. Finally, a blue belt hangs from his suit, and he wears blue and black shoes with brown strips on the tongue.


Kiri is weak-willed, but he has a rather warm personality with an exceptional sense of justice, leading him to fight “bad guys” for the sake of peace. For some reason, he intensely dislikes being touched.


Kiri is Ripper’s corpse, reanimated by the Magick Association. Talking to Kiri via Brain Cat, Ripper convinced him that he was a human before, but he lost his body because of the leader of the “bad guys”, Tōya Kagari. Ripper claimed that if Kiri kills Tōya, he will regain his memories, and Brain Cat will turn into a human.

When Kiri attacked Tōya, he drained some of his magic element, and Ripper’s personality took over his body, calling himself “Freaks”, and killed Tōya with his friends. Because of this, Es fell into despair and disappeared. Then she regained her memories and left the Phantom Field, leaving Embryo in care of “Me”.

Es helped Tōya defeat Freaks, and they smashed his Crystal in place of his right eye, killing Ripper. Some time later Kiri was seen recovering in a hospital with a panda teddy bear, after he lost all of Ripper’s powers.


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