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Ikaruga Federation (map)

The Ikaruga Federation view

Ikaruga Federation (イカルガ連邦 Ikaruga Renpō), formally known as the Ikaruga Union of Hierarchical Cities (連合階層都市イカルガ Rengō Kaisō Toshi Ikaruga), is a state.


It is the place where the Ikaruga Civil War began.

The Federation was formed in 2191, with Tenjō Amanohokosaka as its leader.

On December 25, 2194, one of the Hierarchical Cities in Ikaruga, Ibukido, has been destroyed by the Highlander: Takemikazuchi and was the place where Mu-12 has been found.

In 2197, the war ended with Tenjō’s death, along with destruction of Wadatsumi. Many of its remnants had moved to Kagutsuchi.

Hierarchical Cities in Ikaruga[]

Map of Ikaruga

Middle: 5th city, bottom-right: 6th city, bottom-left: 7th city, top-left: 8th city, top-right: 9th & 10th city

People born in Ikaruga[]