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The Idea Engine (イデア機関 Idea Kikan) is an improved version of the Event Weapon Imitation.

Unlike the Arch-Enemy Event Weapons, which are living beings with a soul, these are built mechanically, making their power lower than that of an Event Weapon, but also more stable. Their resistance to Event Interferences is unstable, and Kokonoe continues adjusting it.

After the Idea Engine was transferred to Ragna,[1] his Blue Grimoire turned it into a similar, yet different being from Terumi/Hazama’s Bleu Grimoire. It completely changed the process in which the power was managed and harnessed, allowing Ragna to surpass Terumi whilst possessing Hazama.[2] Since then, Ragna is able to use the Idea Engine to mitigate most of the negative effects of the Blue Grimoire, such as not needing any magic element to function should Ragna be in the presence of anything that nullifies it through access to the true Blue.

Usually, the Idea Engine causes some sort of customary negative effects on the user, but for some reason they were not present on Lambda-11.[3]

During the mission to capture Azrael in the ruins of Ibukido, Tager was equipped with both, the Event Weapon Imitation and an another prototype of the Idea Engine. During the encounter, the Idea Engine was used to synchronize with Azrael’s Enchant Dragunov, forcing it to overload and seal most of the Mad Dog’s power.[4] This ended up in breaking the Engine from putting too much stress on it, as it was not made for those kinds of operations. In the worst-case scenario, the limiter could’ve flooded Tager’s systems instead and blown him to pieces.[5]

Ex Machina: Minerva is known to be equipped with an Idea Engine.


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