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Humans (人間 ningen) are sentient humanoid beings, the most widespread species of BlazBlue.


Unlike most beastmen, humans are capable of using Magic Formula and manipulating the magic element in general. Though, human’s average life-span is much shorter than that of a beastman, a vampire, and a lycanthrope. Humans can be transformed into vampires after being bitten by them, though sometimes these bites do not work. A child of a human and a beastman is a half-beastman, and an artificially created human with animal traits is categorized as human sub-race. Humans created the lycanthrope race with sorcery.

Humans are one of the few species that are hurt by the magic element, though in small amounts it actually does them good. The Master Unit responds only to objects in the shape of a human, so special Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Fields were made to explore the Boundary and retrieve data from the Unit, as humans cannot survive there. Arakune is a human body corrupted by the Boundary.

Humans that practice magic live longer than those who do not, although some lose their powers with age.



Natural: Beastman · demon · ghoul · half-beastman · human · vampire
Artificial: Human sub-race · Kaka · lycanthrope · Prime Field