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The 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi

A Hierarchical City (階層都市 Kaisō Toshi) is a term used to describe cities that were built after the Great Dark War by the World Void Information Control Organization. There are 23 hierarchical cities known thus far.


After the Great Dark War, which left a large amount of hazardous magic element that covered the world, a lot of humans and animals became tainted with this and died off. Humans were forced to move to high altitude, mountainous areas where concentration of the element is lesser.

Hierarchical Cities exist around the world in various regions, and each one is assigned a number. The highest placed Hierarchical City is the first, the lower it is, the higher the number of the city. In each hierarchy are many cities, towns, villages. The upper level contains the Control Organization branch office, while the higher layers are reserved for the wealthy, the organization’s personnel, and collaborators. The poor, refugees, and other indigenous races live in the lower layers.

Weather in the cities is maintained by the environment maintenance device, and they are also surrounded by a special barrier. Its properties are unknown, but according to Hakumen, it’s similar to the Ishana’s barrier.

People travel between cities by magic ships, which are monitored by the Control Organization. Some exceptions are Ikaruga Federation cities, as they’re so close to each other that people can travel between them by trains safely.

Each of the Hierarchical Cities have a Kiln deep within.

Hierarchical Cities

Ikaruga Union of Hierarchical Cities (連合階層都市イカルガ Rengō Kaisō Toshi Ikaruga), originally known as the Ikaruga Federation (イカルガ連邦 Ikaruga Renpō)

Izumo Region (イズモ地方 Izumo Chihō)